Bargain Remote Controlled Aqua Mood Light Stockists

Bargain Remote Controlled Aqua Mood Light Stockists

A bright and colourful LED mood light that can be submersed up to one metre, the Remote Controlled Aqua Mood Light has a diameter of just 7cm and a depth of 2.4cm which makes it perfect for submerging in vases to add a little wow to your flower arrangements and table decorations! Lit by ten bright LED's, this handy little mood light has thirteen colour tones which can be set individually or through colour morph or colour jump to make an eye catching light statement or a relaxing mood light. Simply place in your display and use the remote control to set to the desired effect; a brand new set of batteries should give up to twelve hours of light on the colour morph setting. Not for use in drinksSubmersible up to 1 metreBatteries last approximately 12 hoursUnit takes 3 x AAA batteries (not included)Remote Control takes 2 x AG10 (included)70mm diameter, 24mm depth10 bright LED's13 Colour tones, (Red, Green, Blue) + yellow, orange, 2 other greens, 2 other blues, purple, 2 x pinks, and white.Set to static colour, fade, or jumpController range 8 metres.

Bargain Deal: £14.99

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Himalayan Cone Salt Lamp Stockist

Not only does this stunning Himalayan Salt Lamp look the part, but it's also incredibly good for your health too! A natural way to cleanse the air in your home, Himalayan Pink Salt neutralises positive ions that are released by electrical items such as your TV, your tablet, laptop and phone that sap your energy. Ideal for allergy sufferers, Himalayan Pink Salt is known to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and other pollutants from the air when the salt heats up holding it in the salt, leaving clean air to breathe and so reducing...

'Himalayan Cone Salt Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £39.95  =>  Click for Deal


Sensory LED Bubble Fish Lamp Stockist

A stunning night light or floor lamp, the LED Bubble Fish Lamp stands at either 90cm or 120cm tall and makes an impressive colour change room feature. Perfect for children's rooms or for adding a little personality to main living areas, this quirky lamp combines bubbles with plastic tropical fish and soothing colour change light to make a stunning mood light. Brilliant for promoting visual stimulation with vibrant colours that calm and soothe, this LED Bubble Fish Lamp also makes an engaging sensory lamp. Both realistic and...

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Colour Changing Sphere Stockist

A striking ball of ever changing colour, this sphere is lit by RGB LEDs to make a stunning mood lamp. Battery operated it can be placed anywhere in your home and with a simple on/off function you get stunning visual effects at the touch of a button. Ideal for relaxing at home, or for a night light in kids rooms of all ages, this mesmerising lamp is also perfect for use in sensory rooms as the constantly changing colour encourages visual stimulation and tracking skills. Colour changing LED sphereRGB LEDsBattery operated: Requires...

'Colour Changing Sphere Stockist Deal' priced at £14.95  =>  Click for Deal


Colour Changing Pineapple Stockist

Brightly coloured and most definitely tropical, this delightfully kitsch pineapple lamp adds effortless laid back style to your space with feel good colour and a fruity exterior! Battery operated, this fun lamp can be brought out for parties and entertaining making a striking bar or table decoration, or better still can be used all year round bringing tropical feel good vibes to your home. Colour change pineapple lampColour change LEDsBattery operated: requires 3 x AG13 batteries (included)White siliconeSize: 19cm (H) x 9cm...

'Colour Changing Pineapple Stockist Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Playbulb Sphere Stockist

An amazing Smart App controlled lamp, simply download the PLAYBULB X App in App Store or Google Play Store, and colour changing control is at your finger tips. Choose your favourite effect or colour to suit your mood. The latest version of the app supports various special effects including pulsing, flashing, rainbow effect, or fading effect. The PLAYBULB X App allows you to group multiple PLAYBULB products together and control all together, so this lamp will look great alongside our Playbulb candles or Playbulb solar garden light....

'Playbulb Sphere Stockist Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal


Ring LED Lamp Stockist

A unique table lamp with minimalist style and contemporary appeal, the Ring LED Lamp is a polished chrome finished circle lit by colour change LED's on the outer. A striking mood lamp, the LED ring blends colours as is morphs through a colour change display of light that can be held on your favourite colour and can even be set to white. Remote controlled you can also choose just how bright you'd like your light giving you complete control over the mood and tone of your lighting. Sleek, stylish and with a soothing colour change,...

'Ring LED Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £89.95  =>  Click for Deal


Boon Glo Lamp or Nightlight Stockist

With an organic design, seemingly inspired by nature, but with some futurist features, the Boon Glo Light is a very stylish and unusual lamp. This minimalistic styled lamp features colour changing led's within each of the 3 trumpets which illuminate the orbs sat within. The colour can be set to tie in with your own deco scheme, or to gently colour change. When the lamp is turned off the balls will produce an 'afterglow' of up to 30 minutes, so this also makes a fantastic nightlight for kids as the balls can be safely removed...

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Bubble Coffee Table Stockist

Minimalist industrial chic meets playful design in the striking Bubble Coffee Table. The robust stainless steel coffee table contains a water filled acrylic panel that's choc full of bubbles and lit by colourful LEDs then topped with glass. The bubbles flow across the table top in a mesmerising display that's highlighted by the colourful LEDs inside for a relaxing effect that really draws your eye. Ideal for use in your home or for commercial premises, this unusual table can be used either for relaxation or as colourful party...

'Bubble Coffee Table Stockist Deal' priced at £495.00  =>  Click for Deal


Rechargeable Flatball Stockist

Stylish modern furniture that's suitable for use indoors or outdoors, this contemporary flatball lights up in a whole range of colours adding stylish mood lighting to your home and garden. The rechargeable flatball has fifteen pre set static colours, colour change, brightness and strobing functions that can be set by remote control to suit your mood. Float it on water, decorate patios and brighten up your living space with stunning colour and full control at your fingertips! Colour change flatball moodlightContemporary mood...

'Rechargeable Flatball Stockist Deal' priced at £99.95  =>  Click for Deal


Rechargeable 20cm Mini Cube Lamp Stockist

A stylish mood light that can be used indoors or outdoors, this stylish LED cube illuminates your space with soothing colour change light. Just the right size to place around your home or garden, this contemporary cube also makes a fun table table decoration casting colourful light. Rechargeable and remote controlled, the mini cube lamp has fifteen static colours to choose from, two colour change modes, strobing features and various brightness settings, giving you full control of your lighting options at your fingertips! Perfect...

'Rechargeable 20cm Mini Cube Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £69.95  =>  Click for Deal

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