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An unusual take on the iconic plasma ball, the plasma eye has a plasma ball as its iris to give a devils eye effect and a very funky light. Trace your finger across the glass ball and the plasma streamers will follow you, play your music, and the plasma will react to the sound of your favourite tunes all the while staring out at you like a futuristic eye! Plasma eye lampTouch sensitive and sound reactiveElectrical current flows from the centre of the ball to the glass Size of lamp: 21cm (W) x 11.5cm (H) x 14cm (D)Size of plasma ball: 10cm diameterMains operatedStandard UK Plug

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Colour Changing LED Uplighter Stockist

A quick and easy way to introduce colourful lighting into your home, the colour change uplighter contains 10 colour change LEDs that shine from the discreet unit to cast stunning mood lighting effects. Remote controlled, the submersible unit can be placed on shelves, behind pictures and can even be placed inside vases to highlight flower arrangements and create striking table decorations. A fantastic all rounder, this handy unit can be used indoors or outdoors, is battery operated and you can choose from multiple effects from...

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Oval LED Outdoor Pool Light Stockist

Contemporary mood lighting for your patio or for your pool, the Oval LED Outdoor Pool Light floats on water or can be placed on your patio for stylish garden lighting. IP68 rated waterproof, set the floating flatball to colour change, white or candle mode for glamorous lighting that gives an atmospheric glow to your summertime garden. Available in two sizes; with a 28cm diameter or a 35cm diameter, charge the colour changing ball indoors for four to eight hours and place outside for up to eight hours of light from a full charge....

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DMX LED Bar Stockist

Available in 50cm lengths, these multi section light bars are fitted with high input 10mm diameter LEDs. Independent colour mixing and various effects such as strobe and full electronic dimming for each section. The stand alone operation offers static colours, sound activated or auto internal programs with master/slave option, or several DMX modes are available with different level of control versus number of channels occupied. Watch the video for an example of the stunning effects produced by these lights. Standalone or DMX512...

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Lumo Tornado Lamp Stockist

A smaller lamp with big effects, the Lumo Tornado Lamp swirls up a storm creating a tornado inside that's lit with colourful LEDs! A mesmerising effect, this colourful lamp is ideal for desktops or as a night light illuminating your space with a captivating colour changing vortex that swirls endlessly. Battery operated, place the Lumo Tornado Lamp anywhere in your home and enjoy colourful mood lighting and one of natures most powerful forces! Colour change vortex lightTornado of colour change lightColour change LEDsSize: 25cm...

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Fibre Optic Red Begonia Flowers 40cm Stockist

Fibre Optic Red Begonia Flowers combine the vibrant red flowers of the red begonia with the twinkle of colour changing fibre optics, creating a unique floral arrangement. The green and red of the artificial flowers and foliage will brighten the room with colour during the day, whilst the sparkling effect of fibre optics highlight the tips of each petal to add a hint of magical mood lighting in darkness, perfect for creating focal points and centrepieces. Red begonia floral arrangement with colour change fibre opticsTwinkling...

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Colour Changing Pineapple Stockist

Brightly coloured and most definitely tropical, this delightfully kitsch pineapple lamp adds effortless laid back style to your space with feel good colour and a fruity exterior! Battery operated, this fun lamp can be brought out for parties and entertaining making a striking bar or table decoration, or better still can be used all year round bringing tropical feel good vibes to your home. Colour change pineapple lampColour change LEDsBattery operated: requires 3 x AG13 batteries (included)White siliconeSize: 19cm (H) x 9cm...

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OPTI Aura Sensory Projector Stockist

Designed and manufactured here in the UK by a leading effects lighting company that started in the 1960s to create light shows for bands such as Pink Floyd, Cream and the Who, they then turned their expertise into projectors for the disco, retail, exhibition, and therapy markets. This Aura lamp uses the first ever effect that they produced using a 6" liquid wheel that produces a projected effect of constantly moving and mixing globules of coloured light, an effect which is still as mesmerising and in demand today. The Aura...

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Rechargeable 20cm Mini Cube Lamp Stockist

A stylish mood light that can be used indoors or outdoors, this stylish LED cube illuminates your space with soothing colour change light. Just the right size to place around your home or garden, this contemporary cube also makes a fun table table decoration casting colourful light. Rechargeable and remote controlled, the mini cube lamp has fifteen static colours to choose from, two colour change modes, strobing features and various brightness settings, giving you full control of your lighting options at your fingertips! Perfect...

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XL Colour Change Egg 28cm Stockist

A stunning mood lamp with soft curves and a contemporary egg shape this extra large egg lamp measures 28cm and is guaranteed to make an impact. An LED light base is packed with colour change LEDs inside the egg giving a huge range of colours that can either by held on colour change or static functions for atmospheric lighting. Remote controlled, choose from 12 static colours, 4 different modes and even the brightness of the egg putting you firmly in control of your mood lighting. Charge the lamp and place it anywhere around your...

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Aurora Mood Lantern Stockist

Stylish and contemporary, the Aurora Mood Lantern transforms your home and garden with colourful light. A lightweight but sturdy lantern that's IP65 rated for outdoor use, this rechargeable mood lantern contains an LED light base that scrolls through eight key colours and everything inbetween. Set to colour phase, colour flash or hold on your favourite colour for stunning mood lighting and even adjust the brightness of the colours depending upon your mood. Remote controlled, you can control multiple lanterns from one remote or...

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