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Colour and light are at your fingertips with the Playbulb Smart LED Candle! The smartest LED candle that we’ve ever seen, the Playbulb creates special lighting effects that you control from your smartphone using it’s free intuitive app available on iOS and Android. Enjoy soothing colours in blues, pinks, greens and more on the colour change mode or hold on your favourite colour as you relax and if you’re struggling to choose your favourite colour, simply give your smartphone a shake and your Playbulb will choose a colour for you! When used alone, the Playbulb candle makes a stylish and safe night light that will accompany you every night for up to sixty days (based on four hours use per day). Alternatively, place the smart candle around your home for gentle moodlighting that’s both relaxing and romantic. Choose from a single Playbulb or a three pack and bunch them together for intimate party lighting to set the scene for your next bash. Completely flameless, these portable smart candles have handy sensors that allow you to blow it out just like a real candle, and should you still hanker after the effects of real flame candle, simply flip the Playbulb over and there’s a space for you to place a tealight candle. Smart LED candleSuitable for indoor and outdoor useBrightness and colour changing effectsSensors allow you to blow out like a real candleFree downloadable app available on iOS and AndroidTap to turn on/offLight weight and portableControl multiple Playbulbs with multiple devicesFlameless safe candleFlip upside down for an ideal tea light holderOperating time approx 60 days (based on four hours use per day)Water resistant casingRequires 3 x AA batteriesSize: 18cm x 13cm x 11cmRed, green, blue and white LEDsLED power: 30mWLED current: 15 – 20mAVoltage: 4.5VBluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth SmartSupported profile: GATTWireless range: 10m Suitable for iPhone 4s and above, iPad 3 and above, iPod 5th gen and above and Android 4.3 and above (with Bluetooth 4.0)

Bargain Deal: £19.99

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Moodpod Stockist

Small on size, but very impressive in effects, the fabulous Mood Pod is small and inconspicuous but projects powerful colour change effects that'll transform your room. High powered but low energy LED's project a fabulous colour wash effect that drenches your surfaces in colour and phases through fourteen key colours. Use the remote control included to hold on your favourite colour, choose brightness and even colour change speed to reflect your mood. Outstanding and colourful with exclusive lighting effects, this fabulous,...

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Playbulb Bear Speaker Lamp Stockist

A soothing night light and bluetooth speaker in one, this intelligent Playbulb Bear shines with colour change light and can play soothing melodies too. Download the free Playbulb X App from either the App Store or Google Play and set 5 different lighting effects through the full colour spectrum and choose brightness for full control at your fingertips. Change colours using the app, or alternatively kids can tap the sweet bear to choose their favourite coloured light. Not just a night light, this smart lamp is a bluetooth...

'Playbulb Bear Speaker Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £69.95  =>  Click for Deal


Light3 Cubic Moodlight Stockist

Lit by red, green and blue LEDs, the Light3 Cubic Moodlight adds instant colour and a relaxing atmosphere to your space. Built to handle, switch modes between solid colour, flash and fade by rolling the cube onto another face for the next colour or function and enjoy mesmerising colour light effects. Tactile and fun, this colourful mood light is ideal for younger kids and for sensory environments showing the consequences of cause and effect and encouraging touch and visual tracking, and is of course fantastic for use around...

'Light3 Cubic Moodlight Stockist Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sensory LED Bubble Fish Lamp Stockist

A stunning night light or floor lamp, the LED Bubble Fish Lamp stands at either 90cm or 120cm tall and makes an impressive colour change room feature. Perfect for children's rooms or for adding a little personality to main living areas, this quirky lamp combines bubbles with plastic tropical fish and soothing colour change light to make a stunning mood light. Brilliant for promoting visual stimulation with vibrant colours that calm and soothe, this LED Bubble Fish Lamp also makes an engaging sensory lamp. Both realistic and...

'Sensory LED Bubble Fish Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal


WiZ Elixir (WZ661099) Stockist

Read more about Wiz lights and their features on our information page 'here'. A stunning modern pendant light with polished chrome fittings and a grey braided cord, the WiZ Elixir ceiling pendant updates your home with it's striking looks and vibrant colourful light. Control the WiZ Elixir using the smartphone app available on Android Google Play or from the iOS App Store or using the WiZmote included and gain access to a whole world of colour allowing you to set the mood and tone in your home. Choose from a wide range of...

'WiZ Elixir (WZ661099) Stockist Deal' priced at £163.14  =>  Click for Deal


Playbulb Airwhale Speaker Lamp Stockist

Curious kids will love this sweet airplane shaped night light that not only has a mesmerising colour change light function, but it plays music too! A smart speaker lamp, this cute little airplane has five different lighting effects, brightness controls and can be set to turn on and off again all from it's free smartphone app that's available from both the App Store for Apple products and Google Play for Android devices. Create the ultimate sleepy environment for kids by setting the Airwhale to a soothing colour change light function...

'Playbulb Airwhale Speaker Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £69.95  =>  Click for Deal


Himalayan Cone Salt Lamp Stockist

Not only does this stunning Himalayan Salt Lamp look the part, but it's also incredibly good for your health too! A natural way to cleanse the air in your home, Himalayan Pink Salt neutralises positive ions that are released by electrical items such as your TV, your tablet, laptop and phone that sap your energy. Ideal for allergy sufferers, Himalayan Pink Salt is known to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and other pollutants from the air when the salt heats up holding it in the salt, leaving clean air to breathe and so reducing...

'Himalayan Cone Salt Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £39.95  =>  Click for Deal


Aurora Lights Projector Stockist

We are all fascinated by the beautiful Northern and Southern Lights but not everyone can make the long and expensive journey to the Polar Regions to witness the spectacle first hand. With the Aurora Lights Projector you can bring this stunning natural light show into your home. Using multi-colour LED's in seven different light modes, the project casts moving Aurora lights onto the walls and ceiling of any darkened room. Now you can bring this amazing natural light show into your own home with the Aurora Projector. The...

'Aurora Lights Projector Stockist Deal' priced at £29.96  =>  Click for Deal


WiZ Smart Stellar Ceiling Light (WZ509089) Stockist

Read more about Wiz lights and their features on our information page 'here'. An attractive and intelligent ceiling light which is set up over your Wi-Fi network, easily controlled by either the free WiZ App, the included Free WiZ remote, or your existing light switch. You can control your lights from anywhere in the world if you have Wi-Fi, so you can set your lights whilst you're away to make your home look occupied. You have full control of the colours, the brightness, and you can set schedules from the app to make your...

'WiZ Smart Stellar Ceiling Light (WZ509089) Stockist Deal' priced at £153.54  =>  Click for Deal


Giant 180cm Sensory Bubble Tube Stockist

Standing at a staggering 180cm or almost 5ft 11" this is our tallest bubble tube lamp. Whether used as a key feature in a sensory room, or as the most impressive floor lamp at home, this colourful mood lamp is sure to impress. When used in a 'sensory' capacity bubble tubes are a great way to encourage visual development. The constantly moving bubbles and colour changing effect can be both calming and stimulating and are suitable for all ages from babies to the elderly. The lamp is supplied with two pumps go give...

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