Bargain Light Bulb Sticker 30cm Stockists

Bargain Light Bulb Sticker 30cm Stockists

Illuminate your desk area or bedside table with the soft luminous glow of the Lightbulb Sticker. Featuring one giant lightbulb wall sticker and three smaller ones, each printed in black and white onto long glow photoluminescent vinyl, this is lighting as you've never seen it before. The length of glow in darkness varies on many factors, such as how much light it receives in the daytime, the quality of the light received, even how we all see glow in the dark, but most should be able to see the afterglow for at least a couple of hours after dark and younger eyes even longer! Set of four lightbulb glow stickersPrinted on long glow photoluminescent vinylGlows green in the dark Dimensions: 30cm (large bulb), 9cm (small bulbs) Find out more about how glow in the dark works to get the best from your glow light bulb sticker.

Bargain Deal: £10.01

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Glow Starry Night Glow Stars Stockist

Sleep under a ceiling of glowing stars that shine night after night with this pack of 60 glow in the dark stars. These mini plastic glow stars measure 2.5cm across and to give you a scattering of glowing stars across your ceiling and walls. Create constellations and fun patterns, expose them to light throughout the day and they will glow green in the dark. Glow in the dark stars60 starsSelf adhesive pads includedPlastic starsSize: 2.5cm across

'Glow Starry Night Glow Stars Stockist Deal' priced at £3.95  =>  Click for Deal


Glow in the Dark Star Map Stockist

Made here in the UK, printed on high quality paper and with an attractive matt finish and contrasting high gloss detail, plus glow in the dark stars! A functional fascinating map of the constellations and for those interested in Astrology the constellations which make up the signs of the zodiac are highlighted! The map measures 59cm x 42cm and comes packaged in a strong cardboard tube. Why not try the map with one of our UV torches to really bring the map to life and keep those little glowing stars charged! Printed on high...

'Glow in the Dark Star Map Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Solar System Adhesives Stockist

Recreate the solar system in your room with Glow Solar system stickers. A pack of 33 glow in the dark stickers featuring the sun and the planets of our solar system with cosmic shapes including asteroids, spiral galaxies and even exploding stars, this pack of glow stickers is made with "Glowminite" so that they glow brighter and for longer than usual glow in the dark sticker packs. Place where your solar system will receive maximum exposure to light and the planets will come to life with a cosmic glow when it gets dark. ...

'Glow Solar System Adhesives Stockist Deal' priced at £2.99  =>  Click for Deal


Giant Skull Glow Sticker Stockist

An extra large luminous wall sticker with a royal skull design, this wall decal makes a striking feature adding rock n roll chic to your home. Contemporary shades of grey create the huge skull design that will become a talking point in your home. Allow the skull to charge throughout the day absorbing daylight and it'll glow brightly when the lights go out casting a luminous green glow into your room. Extra large glow in the dark skull wall decalAppears grey and white in day and glows luminous green in the darkMeasures: 55cm...

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Glow Superstars Stockist

Recreate the universe in your own room with these glow in the dark shapes, Glow Superstars includes over 500 different space shapes such as stars, planets, meteorites, moons, UFOs and rockets. 150 plastic Glow shapes with sticky pads352 self-adhesive glow in the dark stickers Educational leaflet full of fun facts about our solar system.Decorate bedroom ceilings and walls.Use to accessorise your stuff such as books, bags and more.Allow exposure to natural light and watch them glow in the dark! Create a magical night sky on...

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Large/XL Glow Moon Light Wall Stickers Stockist

Using a real photo of the moon, taken from Nantes, West France, these fantastic massive moon stickers absorb light in the day and as night falls emit a soft beautiful green glow. These stickers come on high quality vinyl with a strong permanent adhesive back so you can stick to your walls or ceilings for a fantastic unusual and staggering piece of contemporary luminous art. Available in a rather large 50cm diameter and a whopping 100cm diameter which makes the image four times the area than the large one! These glow moon stickers...

'Large/XL Glow Moon Light Wall Stickers Stockist Deal' priced at £59.99  =>  Click for Deal


Halloween Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers (Single) Stockist

A set of spooky glow in the dark shapes including pumpkins, bats, witches and ghosts to give an extra spooky twist to your Halloween decorations. Each individual pack comes with self adhesive pads to stick them to your desired surface so that you can create spooky glowing designs and creepy grottos! Glow in the dark Halloween shapesThree pack designs sold separately (packs will be chosen at random)Self adhesive stickers includedExpose to light to allow to charge then display in pitch black conditions for best effects Find...

'Halloween Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers (Single) Stockist Deal' priced at £1.00  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Snowflake Window Stickers Stockist

Guarantee snow this Christmas with beautifully decorative snowflake window stickers. Easy to apply and suitable for most highly polished surfaces, these festive snowflake window decorations glow in the dark for magical effects. Four different sheets of stickers are available each containing different styles and sizes of snowflakes allowing you to create an enchanting flurry. Visible on both sides and reusable too, allow the decorations exposure to light to allow them to charge and they will glow green in the dark when it gets...

'Glow Snowflake Window Stickers Stockist Deal' priced at £1.99  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Jellyfish Ornament Stockist

The Glow Jellyfish is a decoration with a difference and has the ability to look cool wherever it chooses to hang. With festival and road trip season fast approaching, break from the norm and replace your dried up air freshener tree with a funky glowing alternative, or hang the glowing jelly creatures from the ceiling in aquatic themed kids rooms. This rubber creation has oodles of funky style and none of the sting. Glow in the Dark Jellyfish OrnamentDoes not sting!Size: 8.5cm tall x 6.5cm diameterMaterial: Soft vinyl Find...

'Glow Jellyfish Ornament Stockist Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Giant Crescent Moon Glow Sticker Stockist

A large contemporary wall decal in the shape of a striking crescent moon to add drama to your home decor. Crafted in light grey tones, this stylish wall sticker absorbs the light throughout the day so that when the lights go out, the moon glows brightly! Measuring an impressive 50cm tall, this stunning moon sticker adds character to your living areas, or can act as a glowing night light in both kids and adults rooms. Extra large crescent moon glow in the dark wall stickerMeasures 50cm (H) x 22cm (W)Pack includes one extra...

'Giant Crescent Moon Glow Sticker Stockist Deal' priced at £41.99  =>  Click for Deal

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