Bargain Glow in the Dark Pillar Candle 14cm Stockists

Bargain Glow in the Dark Pillar Candle 14cm Stockists

A traditional candle with an unusual twist, these 14cm tall pillar candles glow in the dark! Appearing a creamy white in the light, these charming candles appear as standard pillar candles, but turn out the lights and they will glow with a green afterglow throughout the night! Perfect for creating striking displays, bunch a number of glow candles together or highlight displays of standard candles for extra magical effects. Simply expose to artificial or natural light to allow the glow candle to "charge" and the candle will glow in the dark with a green afterglow that will appear brightly at first and then fade gradually over time. Now that's a dinner party piece! Glow in the dark pillar candleSize: 14cm x 4cm diameterQuality paraffin waxBurn time: approx 7 hoursGreen afterglow Please note that the candle will not glow in the dark if it is not exposed for at least 20 minutes to artificial lighting or natural light prior to showing the expected effect. The more light the candle is exposed to, the longer the afterglow will last.

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Flatyz Butterfly Candle Stockist

A contemporary wax candle with a pretty decorative design, this Flatyz candle features a delicate amber butterfly design that's weaved with gold for a warm, luxurious feel. Complete with a stand, Flatyz candles have a unique "flat" design with a depth of just 0.6cm and a double wick for uniform burning. Stand in the holder included for an unusual, stylish candle and unique decoration. Flatyz decorative candleHandmade wax candleWarm butterfly motifDouble wick3-4 hour burn timeStand includedCandle size: 15.3cm (H)...

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Wine Cork Candles (4 Pack) Stockist

If you're using wine bottles as candle holders to add the finishing touch to you dinner party, why not finish off the look with fabulous wine cork candles? A pack of four candles, they look like wine corks that have been pushed back into the bottle for a rustic atmospheric feel. Tapered at the end to fit perfectly into wine bottles, you no longer have to worry about squeezing larger candles into your bottle to achieve your ambient effect. Ideal for setting the tone at your dinner party, these Wine Cork Candles burn for two hours,...

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Gold Parrot Candle Stockist

Sitting proud with his gilded golden looks, this golden parrot adds luxe charm and his own individual personality to your home. Far too good to burn, this stunning golden parrot adds a touch of kitsch to your home adding warmth to vintage themes, and if you must light him, he's made from 100% paraffin wax and has a burn time of 30 hours. Gold parrot candle100% paraffin wax30 hour burn timeSize: 18.5cm (H) x 9.5cm (W) x 7cm (D)

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Glitter Skull Candle Stockist

Glam up your space with a funky skull sparkling with silver glitter. A good sized candle with a single wick, this decorative skull adds a little glitz with a touch of gothic style. Almost too good to light, if you do choose to light it, the glitter will sparkle in the flames for a haunting effect. Silver glitter skull candleSingle wickSize: 13.5cm (D) x 9.5cm (H) x 9cm (W)

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Skull Candle Steel Stockist

A candle worthy of rock gods and vampy princesses, this skull candle has a unique geometric design that adds extra edge and a very funky look. With a 70 hour burn time, this substantial candle makes a fantastic table decoration adding gothic glamour to your settings, or looks equally as good displayed around your home for decoration with a rock n roll metal vibe. Skull candleSteel coloured waxFunky geometric designSize: 12cm (H) x 16.6cm (D) x 10cm (W)Weight: 1035gBurn time: 70 hours

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Palm Phrenology Tall Candles (2 Pack) Stockist

Standing tall in thick glass jars that are decorated with vintage phrenology and palmistry images, these tall wax candles bring charm and a certain kind of mysticism into your home with the palmistry candle in particular lending a vintage carnival vibe. The old medical images on the glass jars make these unscented candles more interesting than your average candle jar which protects the flame as the candle burns down. The size of the inner candle means that you get a good long burn from each pillar, that gives a warm hypnotic...

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Secret Message Candle Stockist

A fun new way to get your message across, Secret Message Candles burn away to reveal your innermost thoughts! A pink wax candle in a ceramic white pot, each candle is printed with the words "I just wanted to tell you".... light the candle, and as it burns away your secret message is revealed printed in the base of the holder. A brilliant gift, and a creative way to get your message across, choose from: "Have a magical birthday!", "You're smoking hot!", "I'm flaming gay" or "You light...

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Pyro Pet Candles Stockist

From sweet to sinister all in the time it takes to burn, Pyro Pet Candles have a cute outer that melts away to reveal a darker secret! Made from paraffin wax, Pyro Pets have a unique geometric design in four animal forms (cat, rabbit, deer and bird), each with a metal skeleton embedded inside waiting to be revealed. Ideal for Halloween, or a quirky candle for year round use, these brilliant candles really do have a split personality going from cute to brooding as they reveal the beast inside! We recommend that you burn your...

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Flatyz Pink Tree Candle Stockist

Japanese cherry blossom creates a beautiful delicate design on this stylish Flatyz candle adding subtle oriental chic to your home. A hand made contemporary candle with a unique flat design, Flatyz candles have a double wick for an even burn and with a 3-4 hour burn time, these decorative candles make a stylish dinner decoration, or relaxing mood light. Flatyz hand made wax candleJapanese cherry blossom designUnique slim designHolder includedDouble wick3-4 hour burn timeSize of candle: 15cm (L) x 6cm (W) x 0.6cm (D)Size of...

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Bull Dog Candle Stockist

With his geometric lines and quizzical face, this French Bulldog candle captures all the charm of your favourite pooch. A large and sturdy candle coloured black and dusted with gold for a little shimmer, this stylish candle makes a striking decoration that's almost too cool to burn. Should you choose to light it, this Bulldog candle will burn for twenty-four hours giving you a good number of uses, but really we think he looks best as a super sweet room decoration. French Bulldog candleGeometric designBlack wax dusted with...

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