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A whole range of LED candles with a dancing flame, Glow Dancer Candles are made from real wax complete with a dripping wax effect and give all the effects of real flame candles without any of the associated fire risks. Available in four sizes or as a candlestick, these realistic LED candles give a warm amber glow, will not burn away and even come with an auto timer set to six hours on eighteen hours off so that your candles come on automatically at the same time every day. LED dancing flame effect candlesLED candlesAvailable in various sizes:Small: 8cm x 7.5cm diameter (requires 3 x AAA batteries not included)Medium: 12.5cm x 7.5cm diameter (requires 3 x AAA batteries not included)Large: 18cm x 9cm diameter (requires 3 x AA batteries not included)Extra large: 23cm x 9cm diameter (includes remote control) (requires 3 x AA batteries not included and 1 x CR2025 for remote included)Candlestick: 23cm x 6cm diameter at base, 2.5cm diameter candlestick (requires 2 x AAA batteries included) Please note that the candle is not removable from the candlestickReal waxTimer function: 6 hours on, 18 hours offAmber glowDripping wax effect

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Roxan LED Candles with Flickering Light (3 Pack) Stockist

Use these candles around the home for the soft glow of candlelight without the risk of fire. Supplied as a pack of three, in differing heights, the candles feature a warm glowing amber LED which flickers just like a real flame, creating delightful cost mood lighting in any room of the home. With the risk of flame gone, they are ideal for busy homes with inquisitive children and boisterous pets! Pack of three LED Candles with Flickering LightCandles measure approximately 15cm, 10cm and 7.5cm x 7.5cmAmber LED flickers just like...

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Halloween Flashing LED Pumpkin Light Stockist

Measuring 8cm accross so should fit comfortably within most carved pumpkins, and a simple push switch operation which creates a funky flashing strobe, this LED pumpkin light takes the worry and danger out of letting kids do their 'Trick or Treating' with a real candle. Funky flash strobe LED light, created for carved pumpkinsConveniently sized to fit most supermarket pumpkinsMeasures 8cm diameterRequires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)A safe alternative to real candles

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Flickering Amber LED Timer Candles 6cm Stockist

From afar these realistic candles look as though they have a naked flame making them a great idea to leave on as a security feature - you wouldn't leave candles lit whilst you were out would you? The great thing about them apart from that they are safe to use because they are LED, is that they have a timer function which means that you can set them to four hours on, twenty hours off. This means that you can set them going once and they will continue to switch on and off themselves at the correct time each day. Either for...

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12cm LED Flickering Candle Warm White Stockist

Just the right size to offer subtle illumination in displays and table decorations or as a stand alone light source, this 12cm warm white LED candle looks just like a real candle but has non of the associated risks. A flickering LED sits half way down the wax candle to give a realistic candlelight effect that can be switched on or off again whenever you like for the warmth of subtle candlelight. Real wax LED candleFlickering warm white LEDSize: 12cm x 7.5cm diameterOn/off switch on baseBattery operated; requires 3 x AAA...

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15cm Dancing Flame Candle Lantern Stockist

A realistic flame dancing candle sits inside a traditional black metal lantern casting warm amber light into your home. Designed to recreate the warmth and hypnotic rhythm of real candlelight, the effect is complimented by the black metal lines of the lantern adding rustic charm to your home. A comforting gentle light that can be used to decorate tables or conservatories, this charming lantern can also be used outdoors (but not left to face the weather!) Traditional square black metal lanternContains a real wax LED candleDancing...

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Remote Controlled LED Lantern Stockist

A traditional styled Remote Controlled LED Lantern that can be used indoors or in the sheltered outdoors, each lantern features an amber LED candle to reproduce warm and atmospheric candlelight. Perfect for lighting up patios, conservatories, kitchens and decking, this LED lantern comes complete with a remote control and has an on/off and flickering function for stylish patio lighting with traditional appeal and the safety of LED candlelight. Traditional styled remote controlled LED lanterns18cm square lanternRemote control...

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Drippy Wax LED Candles (3 Pack) Stockist

Made from real wax, with an amber flickering LED and a realistic looking wick, these candles look authentic even when not lit. They are also vanilla scented so will lightly fragrance your room. All the candles have a diameter of 5cm but come in three different heights, 5cm, 7cm, and 10cm. Each candle already comes loaded with 1 x CR2032 battery and are quick to turn on using the simple on/off switch on the base. Because they generate no heat they're great for use near fabrics, foliage, pets etc, anywhere where you wouldn't...

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Colour Changing Flameless LED Candles Stockist

With twelve shades of colour and flickering or solid light options, these LED candles make a stunning room decoration filling your space with colourful light. Set to colour change or hold on static colour for atmospheric light that reflects your mood. Ideal for cosy nights in or as a table decoration, this colourful candle set is made from real wax and so looks just like the real thing and with a timer function that can be set to 4 hours or 8 hours, they're ideal for use as a night light or even as a security light too! Colour...

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Dancing Flame Candles Ivory Stockist

Available in three sizes; small (13cm) medium (18cm) or large (23cm), these Dancing Flame Candles feature a unique flame design that mimics the movement of real flames perfectly. Lit by warm LED's that shine through the body of the candle and highlight the flame effect, these real wax LED candles are the closest that you'll get to real flickering candlelight without the associated risks of fire. These stylish cream pillar candles are battery operated and can even be set on a timer function so that they automatically turn on for...

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Flame Free Candles (6 Pack) Stockist

Flame Free Candles are a fantastic alternative to traditional candles, completely removing the risk of open flame. This set of six battery operated candles will provide the charming glow of candlelight in complete safety, making them ideal for use in church services and Christmas festivities or simply to decorate the home with a traditional warmth all year round. Simply twist the bulb to turn the cordless candles on or off, illuminating them with a warm white glow just like real candlelight. Each candle can be displayed either...

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