Bargain Glow Alphabet Drink Markers Stockists

Bargain Glow Alphabet Drink Markers Stockists

These handy glow in the dark silicone drink markers stick (and restick) to any smooth surface. Choose your poison, pop on your initial and avoid those awkward 'which bottle is mine' moments for the rest of the night. The graffiti style letters are easy to spot, even in the darkness of the club, letting you enjoy your night safe in the knowledge that bottles haven't been swapped and you're drinking what you think you are. Aside from being clever drink markers, these self adhesive letters can be used on any smooth surface. Why not use them to personalise kids rooms, toys or books? Glow Alphabet Drink Markers Set of 26 letters of the alphabet 100% silicone Markers stick and restick to any smooth surface Each letter measures approx. 2.5cm x 2.5cm

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Glow in the Dark Party Spray (3 pack) Stockist

Create a fabulous party atmosphere with Glow in the Dark Party Spray! A temporary spray paint, it can be washed from clothes and surfaces, although we wouldn't recommend use on anything that you hold too precious! When creating your glow in the dark art and party decorations spray from side to side to get best effects and charge under strong light for best glow effects! Fabulous glow fun that's ideal for spooky Halloween effects! 125ml spray can

'Glow in the Dark Party Spray (3 pack) Stockist Deal' priced at £19.96  =>  Click for Deal


Holographic Tape Stockist

A pack of four colourful sticky tapes in gold, red, green and silver with a mesmerising holographic effect that's ideal for gift wrapping, book backing, scrap booking and decoration. Each roll measures 20m long, giving you plenty of scope to get creative with fun designs and visual effects. 4 x rolls holographic tapeRolls come in green, red, gold and silverEach roll measures 20m long x 12mmEye catching holographic design for creative gift wrapping

'Holographic Tape Stockist Deal' priced at £2.99  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall Stockist

Please watch the video above - it's better seen for real! Using the latest glow in the dark technology the 'Novaglow Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall' allows you to write and paint with light that can be used again and again for many years. With a self adhesive backing it is easy to stick it to any clean, flat surface, turn out the lights, grab a light and your'e ready to play! 'Paint' in bright glowing green using a torch (why not use a torch app on your iPhone?!) or use a camera flash to create shadows or silhouettes. The glow...

'Glow Graffiti Shadow Wall Stockist Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Snazaroo Glitter Gel Stockist

Snazaroo Glitter Gels can be applied with your finger or with a make up brush, and as its water based, it can even be watered down for a thinner spread of the glittery effect. If using over the top of another face paint apply the glitter gel neat in a dabbing action so as not to smudge your artwork underneath. These jars are small at only 12ml, but this glitter will go a long way...particularly if you're watering it down. Great for festivals, parties, clubbing, professional face painters etc. A simple way to add sparkly effects...

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Tulip Glow Fabric Paint Stockist

Tulip Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint is fantastic for creating one off designs on t-shirts, clothing and for customising outfits and stage costumes. Get creative with bright and vibrant colours that glow in the dark and glow brightly under UV blacklight for incredible individual effects. Machine washable on a delicate cycle, your custom designs will hold and survive wear after wear. Fabulous fun, why not extend your creativity out to props and stage back drops too? This fabulous craft paint can even be used on glass and ceramics....

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Invisible UV Paint Stockist

Available in eight cool colours, invisible UV paint allows you to get extra creative with your artwork adding secret images and highlights that are only revealed under UV blacklight! Invisible UV paint dries clear allowing you to add detail to your work that won't conflict with your design in normal light, but shine a UV blacklight onto your work and a whole new world of imagery will appear making some pretty striking effects! Ideal for use at home or for more commercial designs on a whole range of surfaces, invisible UV paint...

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1000 Glow In The Dark Stars Stockist

1000 glow in the dark star and cosmic shape stickers. Cover any room with these indiscreet glow stars that when exposed to light for a few minutes will glow for up to an hour. Children cant wait to turn out the lights!Over 1000 glow stickers Two large sheets filled with glow-star stickersFour small sheets with planets, rockets, clouds, UFO's, Moons and even more glow stars! Over 600 stars plus a multitude of moons, ufo's, rockets, clouds, planets and more! Great value & fun for all! Find out more about how glow in...

'1000 Glow In The Dark Stars Stockist Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Letters Stockist

Use magnetic letters to write messages and see them glow in the dark with these brilliant glow letters! The full alphabet is represented with multiple vowels and popular letters so that you can spell out words on magnetic surfaces such as fridges, radiators and magnetic boards leaving glowing messages. Brilliant for fun, for glowing treasure hunts and for word and letter play. Glow in the dark magnetic lettersFull alphabet with multiple vowels and popular letters40 letters in total: a x 3, b x 1, c x 1, d x 2, e x 3, f x 1,...

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Giant Glow in the Dark Googly Eyes Stockist

These crazy googly eyes will give any object a life of its own. Their adhesive back sticks quickly to almost any surface, and at 7” in diameter they will certainly catch some attention wherever you stick them. Give the dustbin man a fright and make sure you never lose your bin again, or decorate the walls or furniture of themed bedrooms to cast a ghoulish green glow around the room at bedtime. The options are endless! Size: 7” diameter Self adhesive backing Glows in the dark after exposure to light Find out more about...

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Glow in the Dark Fabric Pens (6 Pack) Stockist

Give your clothes a new lease of life with incredible colour that glows in the dark! A pack of six fabric paints in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and natural, each colour glows brightly in the dark to highlight your custom designs. Customise your favourite t-shirts, bags, shoes and more with your own permanent artwork with this easy application fabric paint that comes in a pen design so that you can create even the most detailed of designs making it easy to add a little glow! Six pack of glow in the dark fabric paintPack...

'Glow in the Dark Fabric Pens (6 Pack) Stockist Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal

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