Bargain Giant Floating Candles Stockists

Bargain Giant Floating Candles Stockists

There's something beautifully tranquil about candlelight floating on water, and these Giant Floating Candles are no exception. Light them and set them afloat in large bowls indoors or outdoors in ponds, bowls or buckets for soft ambient lighting for parties, drinks or just to relax by. Add them to lighting displays and arrangements in rooms for warm, inviting room lighting. White floating candlesReflect soft candlelight in the waterDiameter: 6.5cm diameter x 4cm depth9 hour burn time

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Floating Candles - Single Stockist

Colourful candles that float on the surface of water, just light the candle and place it on a body of water! Ideal for special occasions and soothing candle light in your home. Small colourful candles that float on water.Creates beautiful lighting effects from the reflection of the water.Ideal for home candle lighting, special occasions and celebrations.Available in Ivory, Wine, Gold and SilverBurning time up to 3 hoursSize: 4.5cm diameter, 3cm height

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Floating Candle Bowl Stockist

Create a haven of zen like tranquillity in your home with stylish and relaxing floating candles in the Floating Candle Bowl. An effortlessly stylish room or table decoration, the simple glass bowl takes standard or our giant floating candles (pictured) that reflect flickering candlelight off the water for a mesmerising, calming effect. Dress up your bowl with coloured mini pebbles, reflective stones or coloured sand to heighten its decorative qualities and enjoy soft candle light throughout your home. Decorative glass floating...

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Floating Pond or Pool Candle Stockist

Transform garden ponds and pools into a magical water feature with floating candles. Larger than standard floating candles, the floating pond/pool candles measures 8.5cm diameter giving a longer burn time and a greater impact on larger water spaces. Very lightly scented, use multiple floating candles to recreate a zen, spa like experience in pools or make a tranquil water feature out of garden ponds that's ideal for parties. Large floating pond or pool candleMeasures 8.5cm diameter x 3.5cm depthVery lightly vanilla scentedApprox...

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