Bargain Filigree Hanging Lantern Stockists

Bargain Filigree Hanging Lantern Stockists

Cast delicate shadows across your patio and set a magical mood with this stunning moroccan styled metal lantern. A large lantern with intricate filigree design, place a small pillar candle measuring no more than 9cm diameter in the base using the simple twist and pull opening and the stunning design will be cast in shadows onto the surrounding surfaces. Whether illuminated or not, this striking lantern is equally as enchanting and will give real warmth to your patio or your home. Large metal hanging lanternFiligree designTwist and pull to release base and place candleRequires a pillar candle measuring 9cm diameter or less or a tealightLength: 98cm (including hanging chain and decorative train)Lantern size: 20.5cm diameter x 21cm heightContains protective glass inner to protect candle: 10cm diameter x 11cm

Bargain Deal: £29.99

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Candelabra Tea Light Holder Stockist

The Candelabra Tea Light Holder gives the tea light a grand feel that can only be achieved by gothic candelabras. The tea light sits in the middle of the candelabra and casts out soft flickering light that’s ideal for softly lit dinners and relaxing mood lighting. 13cm x 8.8cmTakes one tea light candle (not included)

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Honey Pot Glass T-Light Holder Stockist

These charming tealight holders look beautiful hung from trees or parasols or simply placed on a table. Colours vary but when used with a tealight candle they illuminate wonderfully with vibrant colour. Each holder has a hanging wire/handle. Single decorative real glass t-light holders14cm high hanging wire/handleGlass holder 8cm high, 9cm diameterColours randomly selected and vary from purple, orange and green

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Aged Terracotta Candle Stockist

Ideal for placing around your garden, your patio or on tabletops for atmospheric lighting, this candle sits in a terracotta pot that has been aged to compliment your garden. The small pot appears as though it's always been a garden fixture with green paint fading up the pot that appear on most aged garden planters. With approximately 20 hours burn time, this decorative candle is ideal for entertaining, giving subtle, intimate lighting all evening long. Aged terracotta pot candle100% paraffin waxApprox 20 minutes burn timeSize:...

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Light Bulb Tealight Holder Stockist

A bright idea for decorating your home or garden, the lightbulb tealight holder takes a single tea light in the metal base of the bulb to shine warm, flickering candlelight into the frosted glass bulb. Simply stylish, this tea light holder will cast a warm glow into your home and makes a fun table decoration both indoors or outdoors. Light bulb tea light holderTakes a single tealight candle in the baseFrosted glass bulb shadeSize: 13cm (H) x 8cm diameter

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Magnetic Candles Stockist

Magnetic candles on a flat or wavy base. Add your choice of black or white candles that either stand by themselves or lean dramatically. Each candle hides a powerful magnet in its base that keeps it from falling over when stuck to one of the metal bases. Leaning and straight candles can be used on the flat base or you can add straight candles to the wavy base to create a striking minimalist centerpiece. note: The wave base can only support straight candles.

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Infinity Illusion Candle Stockist

Infinity illusion candles create a stunning optical illusion of candles stretching off into the distance. Thanks to it's clever optics, the infinity illusion candles make one candle look like hundreds stretching off into infinity. Thankfully however, there's only one candle used, which saves a lot of time when lighting it. The Infinity Illusion Candle is supplied complete with an assortment of tealight candles to get you glowing straight away and can be wall mounted too. Round Shape The original round Infinity candle...

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17cm Moroccan Lantern Stockist

Relaxing summer evenings and boho chic go hand in hand with this pretty moroccan lantern. A brushed metal lantern with striking cut out moroccan design, colourful glass windows (purple, pink, green or blue) open up to take a tealight candle or LED tealight. Place on tables, patio's and decking to enjoy soft, delicate candlelight as it shines through the lantern casting patterned shadows onto surrounding surfaces to make beautifully atmospheric garden lighting. Standing Moroccan garden lanternBrushed metal lantern with coloured...

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18cm Filigree Hessian Lantern Stockist

With it's filigree design and hessian rope handle, this bohemian metal lantern takes a up to a 6cm diameter pillar candle or even a tea light candle to cast light into your home or garden for a warm, rustic feel. The striking filigree design casts warm dancing shadows onto surrounding surfaces when lit for the ultimate atmospheric lighting that channels shabby chic perfectly. Filigree metal lanternRustic hessian rope handleFor use with pillar candle up to 6cm diameter or tealightsSize: 18cm tall x 15cm diameterProtective glass...

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Owls Glass Tealight Holder Stockist

As sweet as it is colourful, two little owls gaze at each other on this beautifully coloured tealight candle holder. A vibrant design that sits on a resin skin on the outer of the glass jar, the soft yellow background illuminates the cosy owls with a stunning warm glow. Ideal for use with real flame or LED tealights, this decorative tealight holder adds a soft, atmospheric glow to your home. Owl glass tealight holderSweet owl designResin outer layerSuitable for use with real flame or LED tealight candleSize: 10.5cm diameter...

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Bamboo Torch Set with Citronella Candles Stockist

Light both of these bamboo torches using the citronella candles included for instant fragrant candle light which are bound to make a wonderful addition to your garden or outdoor space, when positioned to outline paths, driveways and borders. 6 candles are included which have an average burn time of between 4-5 hours and measure 6.5cm's. Torch height is approximately 60cm's. 2 bamboo torches with 6 citronella candles Candle burn time approx 4-5 hours Candles measure approx 6.5cm Torches measure approx 60cm Outdoor use only

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