Bargain Disco Party Bluetooth Speaker & Radio Light Stockists

Bargain Disco Party Bluetooth Speaker & Radio Light Stockists

Connect your music devices to this funky party speaker and see your favourite tunes come to life with colourful flashing lights! Wireless with bluetooth connectivity, this disco ball speaker is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows phone, tablets and even your PC; not only will this party speaker play your favourite tracks but it has a built in FM radio too! Connect your music and your speaker will come to life projecting colourful patterns of light in multiple modes around your room for instant disco lighting and an awesome party atmosphere! Bluetooth disco light, speaker and radioColourful LEDs project multi coloured party lights in multiple modesCrisp, clear soundBluetooth connectivityCompatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, tablets and PCBluetooth wireless control; change tracks, adjust volume and pause musicRechargeable by USB (rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.7v/1200mAh and adaptor included)Built in FM radioSize: 15cm diameter3.5mm audio cable included

Bargain Deal: £24.95

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Alcohol Breath Tester Stockist

A very compact and useful gadget to protect yourself and others from the dangers of 'drink driving' either on the night or the morning after. Using Advanced Semiconductor Oxide Technology (ASC) this portable gadget will quickly and accurately measure the alcohol content of your blood, with a bright backlit display you can easily see the results even when in a dark environment. It has a quick 'warm up' time of only 10 seconds and gives you your result in under 5 seconds. You should always take your measurements a good 20 minutes...

'Alcohol Breath Tester Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Graffi T Tee Shirt Stockist

Write messages to friends or just get creative painting with light! Become a walking work of street art - If you're not into illegally performing covert graffiti operations at night ...turn yourself into a walking work of street art. With this totally cool Glow Graffi T Tee Shirt you and your friends can light spray away on every inch of the shirt as the whole thing will glow in the dark, so you can create designs or write 'light messages' to each other! The worlds first all glow in the dark T Shirt! The glow in the...

'Glow Graffi T Tee Shirt Stockist Deal' priced at £24.95  =>  Click for Deal


Auto Glove Box Set Stockist

Includes a small and powerful aluminium LED flashlight torch, a chrome plated tyre gauge (up to 50psi) and a silver pen with chrome-plated accents, all contained in a handy tin to fit in your glovebox. Tin measures 19cm long, 7cm wide, 27mm highContains, 1 torch, 1 pen, 1 tyre gauge.

'Auto Glove Box Set Stockist Deal' priced at £9.90  =>  Click for Deal


Blink Keyz Stockist

On occasion when the kids are screaming, hands are full of shopping bags or you're just desperate to get in the house after a long day, there's nothing worse than having to fumble for your keys in the depths of your bag. Blink Keyz are motion activated LED lights, fitted within a replica key. Though it may look like any other key, once popped on your keyring the flash of super bright LED lights inside the plastic casing will make fumbling in your bag a thing of the past. Find your keys in a flashLights up your bag with one...

'Blink Keyz Stockist Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal


Fishing Rod with LED Reel Stockist

Combine funky LED lights that shine when you spin the reel with a fishing rod and you get the Disco 20 Spinning Reel which hopefully will help you to see better when out late night fishing. This Fladen branded product shines that bright that you can see it during the day too, so would also make an excellent fishing rod for daytime fishing trips. The unbreakable rod boasts built in green and blue LED's and measures 180cm's in length, weighs between 7-30g and the line length totals 80metres, making this the perfect tool for beginners...

'Fishing Rod with LED Reel Stockist Deal' priced at £15.54  =>  Click for Deal


Midnight Pebble Glow Clock Coaster (Single) Stockist

The Midnight Pebble has been developed using the very highest quality photoluminescent technology to provide a gentle illumination at night. It will charge up during exposure to natural or artificial light and will last until morning. It was developed as a glass stand for locating your bedside water, at any time during the night, the upward illumination clearly depicting the glass and its content. Additionally the integrated timepiece will gently inform you of the time. Styles of the clock face are available in either Aviator...

'Midnight Pebble Glow Clock Coaster (Single) Stockist Deal' priced at £16.99  =>  Click for Deal


Handy Light Up Pens Stockist

These cool and fun pens only light up when you're writing with them. The whole of the pen illuminates, clearly visible in daylight and they're bright enough for you to be able to see your scribbles in the dark. Colours change lights illuminate various styles including a 'pointing finger', a 'thumbs up', an 'okay', and a 'rock on' hand sign. Ideal for party bag gifts or stocking fillers. Lights when writing onlyColour change lightsBlue Ink14-16cm high (dependent on gesture)Non replaceable batteriesStyles vary

'Handy Light Up Pens Stockist Deal' priced at £1.79  =>  Click for Deal


LED Smart Hoops Stockist

Our most exciting LED hula hoop ever, the LED Kinetic Smart Hoop has over 300 modes, colours and speeds allowing you to deliver the most mesmersing performance ever! Remote controlled, you can set your Smart Hoop to a pre-set light show so that you can work with it in your choreography, then use the remote to switch up the light show revealing different colours and speeds for a change in intensity! With a 90cm diameter, the LED Smart Hoop is just the right size for hula and is packed with 80 colourful LEDs and glitter for...

'LED Smart Hoops Stockist Deal' priced at £100.00  =>  Click for Deal


Lav Nav Stockist

Yes crazy but fantastic - you will wonder how you managed without it! This Toilet Light easily attaches to any toilet and uses an inbuilt PIR sensor which turns on as you approach illuminating the toilet. Additionally the Lav Nav Loo Light has red and green lights to indicate if the seat is up or down. With the Lav Nav fitted you no longer need to turn on the main, sometimes dazzling light; the Loo Light will illuminate the loo and its surroundings. Practical for the home and probably the most unique present in the world! ...

'Lav Nav Stockist Deal' priced at £9.95  =>  Click for Deal


TV Simulator Stockist

Place the TV Simulator in a room in your home, set the timer and see flickering lights that mimic the effect of a TV being switched on. Ideal for using when you're away from your home either for one evening, or for extended periods of time, the TV Simulator will fool would be burglars into thinking that somebody is home. The automatic timer will ensure that the light will come on for either 4 or 7 hours at a time every evening giving your home the image of occupancy for added security when you're away. TV Simulator lightMimics...

'TV Simulator Stockist Deal' priced at £22.99  =>  Click for Deal

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