Bargain Credit Card Reading Helper Stockists

Bargain Credit Card Reading Helper Stockists

The reading helper with light is the perfect portable reading aid. A simple button on the bottom of this credit card sized magnifier activates a bright LED light, providing portable light and magnification. Designed for the elderly but also ideal for anyone who uses reading glasses but is forever losing them (on the top of their head perhaps), the reading helper is easy to operate yet incredibly effective. Easy to open packaging is particularly helpful to those with limited movement or unsteady hands. Credit card sized – fits perfectly in your purse or walletBright LED light Easy to open packaging

Bargain Deal: £2.99

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Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights Stockist

Designed by athletes for athletes, Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights, solve the problem of visibility at night without the need for bulky armbands, torches, headbands or straps giving you the freedom to run as they light your way without getting in the way. A pair of LED light units that clip onto your shoelaces, Night Runner 270 shoe lights give you 270˚ of visibility shining a halo of light around your shoes and the 15m forward beam distance highlights trip and fall hazards whilst alerting other road/path users to you from all...

'Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights Stockist Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal


2" Lighted Magnifier Pendant Stockist

Focus and enlarge print and images with the lighted magnifier pendant. A 5.5cm diameter optical grade acrylic lens lit by a bright white LED, this handy magnifier comes on a neck strap with an easy to use clasp so that it's easy to place. Gain three times magnification from this light and compact lens and illuminate so that you can read in the dark too! Light up magnifying glass pendant5.5cm diameter optical grade acrylic lens3 x magnificationBright white energy efficient LEDDurable LED lasts 100,000 hoursNeck strap with easy-to-use...

'2" Lighted Magnifier Pendant Stockist Deal' priced at £8.99  =>  Click for Deal


Plasma Bluetooth Speaker Stockist

Give your favourite tunes the party treatment with incredible sounds and a funky plasma light show. A funky plasma ball sits on the top of this stylish high quality speaker that dances to the beat of your music with awesome lightning effects. Powered by USB, this mood light speaker pulses to the sounds of your music with electrical plasma reaching out to the edges of the glass ball. Trace your fingers along the ball and the plasma will reach out to you making a fascinating light effect! Connect to your smartphone, laptop, PC...

'Plasma Bluetooth Speaker Stockist Deal' priced at £29.95  =>  Click for Deal


Glow in the Dark Keyring Stockist

Attach to car keys, house keys, bags, tents or even your pets, for a super long lasting and bright glow that can go on being charged for years to come - one day you will be glad you did! This Glow in the Dark Keyring is made from a super tough resin and powerful glow crystals of strontium aluminate which are ten times brighter and glow much, much longer than cheaper zinc sulfide glow products. The keyring will absorb light in the daytime and release the energy as a bright green glow when dark, the longer and brighter the...

'Glow in the Dark Keyring Stockist Deal' priced at £1.49  =>  Click for Deal


Flashing Tracer Golf Ball (2 pack) Stockist

Spend more time on the course, even when the light gets low, with these genius golf balls. Giving you the same quality, distance and performance of standard golf balls, these Flashing Tracer Golf Balls will illuminate on impact, then flash for five minutes, making them easy to spot (even in the bunker!). Perfect for golfing enthusiasts or amateurs who struggle to finish their 18 holes within daylight hours! Pack of two Flashing Tracer Golf BallsProfessional standard quality, distance and performanceGolf balls illuminate...

'Flashing Tracer Golf Ball (2 pack) Stockist Deal' priced at £9.95  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Brick - Suck Uk Stockist

The Glow Brick is a solar powered item of ingenuity. Using natural & artificial light the inner photoluminescent bulb expels this stored up light at night creating the illusion of of a floating lightbulb. A superb and unique low-level light source that will glow every night Charges by natural or home lightingPhotoluminescent (Glow in the dark)Dimensions 11 x 8 x 8 cm No batteries required!Unlimited re-charges Please note that some rattling may occur as the inner bulb shrinks during the manufacturing process

'Glow Brick - Suck Uk Stockist Deal' priced at £17.99  =>  Click for Deal


Laser Tag Shooting Game Stockist

Real life arcade action in your very own living room, have hours of fast and furious fun as you turn your home into a full on action heist! The Laser Tag Shooting Game contains two mini laser guns with interactive sounds, lights and more! Battle, dual and aim to knock out your opponent with six direct hits and you will become the laser star supreme! Ideal for rainy days indoors or for outdoor play, the lasers mean that you don't have to chase foam bullets and you have a fantastic 8m range to keep things really interesting! Laser...

'Laser Tag Shooting Game Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Solar Mona Lisa Stockist

The real Mona Lisa may have an aversion to direct sunlight but this solar powered version thrives on it. Place the famed figure in direct sunlight and she'll acknowledge you with a knowing wave. Make sure you wave back, she's famous you know. Put the Solar Mona Lisa in the sun and watch her wave Place her on your windowsill, dashboard or deskMeasures: 10cm (H) x 6.5cm (W)

'Solar Mona Lisa Stockist Deal' priced at £9.60  =>  Click for Deal


Hollywood Mirror Stockist

A little bit of Hollywood glamour for your handbag, the Hollywood mirror allows you to touch up your make up wherever you are and lights up too! Trimmed with crystals, choose from flower skull or "Keep calm..." designs and this handy illuminated compact opens up to reveal two mirrors. The top mirror is trimmed with eight powerful LED lights; just like vintage theatre dressing room mirrors, whilst the bottom mirror provides 2x magnification for your close ups! Each mirror comes with it's own luxury velvet travel pouch...

'Hollywood Mirror Stockist Deal' priced at £8.50  =>  Click for Deal


Solar Pope Stockist

Place the Solar Pope on your windowsill, desk or dashboard, and as the beams of holy light rain down on him, he will reward you with a reassuring wave. The ultimate gift for dedicated fans and followers of the benevolent pontiff. Solar Pope waves when placed in sunlightPerfect representation of the Holy Pope - complete with crucifix and glassesThe perfect dashboard or desk buddyTotally solar powered - no batteries requiredDimensions: 17.5cm (H) x 6.5cm (W)

'Solar Pope Stockist Deal' priced at £18.95  =>  Click for Deal

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