Bargain Colour Change Submersible Lights x 3 with Remote Stockists

Bargain Colour Change Submersible Lights x 3 with Remote Stockists

Create stunning illuminated table decorations or water features with submersible remote controlled mood lights. With 16 static colours and colour change effects, you can create the exact effect to suit your mood or occasion, you can even set the light intensity all at the push of a button! Each pack of three comes complete with one remote control that has a range of 5m so that you can control each light with ease, and because they're submersible you can transform vases and flower arrangements into stunning works of art and turn bath time into a spa like experience! 3 pack of colour change lightsSubmersibleIdeal for vases, baths, ponds and water features10 super bright LEDs per lightRemote controlled: 5m range16 static colours and colour change modes (fast flash and gradual, smooth colour change)Dimmer intensity setting25000 hours life timeIP68 ratedEach light requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Bargain Deal: £12.95

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Rechargeable Flatball Stockist

Stylish modern furniture that's suitable for use indoors or outdoors, this contemporary flatball lights up in a whole range of colours adding stylish mood lighting to your home and garden. The rechargeable flatball has fifteen pre set static colours, colour change, brightness and strobing functions that can be set by remote control to suit your mood. Float it on water, decorate patios and brighten up your living space with stunning colour and full control at your fingertips! Colour change flatball moodlightContemporary mood...

'Rechargeable Flatball Stockist Deal' priced at £99.95  =>  Click for Deal


OPTI Aura Sensory Projector Stockist

Designed and manufactured here in the UK by a leading effects lighting company that started in the 1960s to create light shows for bands such as Pink Floyd, Cream and the Who, they then turned their expertise into projectors for the disco, retail, exhibition, and therapy markets. This Aura lamp uses the first ever effect that they produced using a 6" liquid wheel that produces a projected effect of constantly moving and mixing globules of coloured light, an effect which is still as mesmerising and in demand today. The Aura...

'OPTI Aura Sensory Projector Stockist Deal' priced at £169.00  =>  Click for Deal


Plasma Eye Stockist

An unusual take on the iconic plasma ball, the plasma eye has a plasma ball as its iris to give a devils eye effect and a very funky light. Trace your finger across the glass ball and the plasma streamers will follow you, play your music, and the plasma will react to the sound of your favourite tunes all the while staring out at you like a futuristic eye! Plasma eye lampTouch sensitive and sound reactiveElectrical current flows from the centre of the ball to the glass Size of lamp: 21cm (W) x 11.5cm (H) x 14cm (D)Size of plasma...

'Plasma Eye Stockist Deal' priced at £28.99  =>  Click for Deal


3W ES Colour Changing Bulb (15990) Stockist

An E27 ES Colour Changing Bulb, use this colour change light bulb in pendant light fittings or in a lamp for instant party lighting. Red, green and blue LED's take the bulb through a flashing colour change that lifts your room and makes a fabulous background for entertaining. E27 ES Colour change bulb3WRed, green and blue LED'sBulb measurements: 11.5cm (inc screw fitting) x 6cm diameter

'3W ES Colour Changing Bulb (15990) Stockist Deal' priced at £6.95  =>  Click for Deal


Colour Change Skyline Table Lamp (19118) Stockist

Lit by colour change LEDs and lined with sparkles, a city skyline is perforated into the side of this small but effective polished chrome lamp illuminating the skyline with colourful light. Push down to activate and a colourful light show picks out the details of the lamp and projects stars onto the ceiling. Battery operated, place this stylish lamp around your home for relaxing feature lighting or use as a night light. Colour change city skyline table lamp Colour change LEDIlluminates city skyline and projects stars onto ceilingPush...

'Colour Change Skyline Table Lamp (19118) Stockist Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal


Aurora Lights Projector Stockist

We are all fascinated by the beautiful Northern and Southern Lights but not everyone can make the long and expensive journey to the Polar Regions to witness the spectacle first hand. With the Aurora Lights Projector you can bring this stunning natural light show into your home. Using multi-colour LED's in seven different light modes, the project casts moving Aurora lights onto the walls and ceiling of any darkened room. Now you can bring this amazing natural light show into your own home with the Aurora Projector. The...

'Aurora Lights Projector Stockist Deal' priced at £29.96  =>  Click for Deal


Auraglow USB TV Back Light Stockist

Backlight your TV or desktop computer screen with colourful light and transform your space with vibrant colour. Powered by the USB point on your TV or desktop, these LED backlighting kits are secured with 3M adhesive tape for easy installation. Simply plug in to light your room with twenty different colours in twenty different modes including fade and strobe and even select the brightness to reflect your mood and the tone in your room. Perfect mood lighting, Auraglow LED tape will turn on/off when your TV does and the memory...

'Auraglow USB TV Back Light Stockist Deal' priced at £8.95  =>  Click for Deal


WiZ Smart Stellar Ceiling Light (WZ509089) Stockist

Read more about Wiz lights and their features on our information page 'here'. An attractive and intelligent ceiling light which is set up over your Wi-Fi network, easily controlled by either the free WiZ App, the included Free WiZ remote, or your existing light switch. You can control your lights from anywhere in the world if you have Wi-Fi, so you can set your lights whilst you're away to make your home look occupied. You have full control of the colours, the brightness, and you can set schedules from the app to make your...

'WiZ Smart Stellar Ceiling Light (WZ509089) Stockist Deal' priced at £153.54  =>  Click for Deal


MIPOW Playbulb Bluetooth Candle Stockist

Colour and light are at your fingertips with the Playbulb Smart LED Candle! The smartest LED candle that we’ve ever seen, the Playbulb creates special lighting effects that you control from your smartphone using it’s free intuitive app available on iOS and Android. Enjoy soothing colours in blues, pinks, greens and more on the colour change mode or hold on your favourite colour as you relax and if you’re struggling to choose your favourite colour, simply give your smartphone a shake and your Playbulb will choose a colour...

'MIPOW Playbulb Bluetooth Candle Stockist Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


6" Infinity Mirror Stockist

A playful mirror that's packed with colourful LEDs, the infinity mirror has a very unique special effect that creates a colourful tunnel of never ending light! A fun accessory for your bathroom, bedroom or more, red, green and blue LEDs shine through various modes creating colourful tunnels of light. Ideal for use in sensory rooms, this infinity mirror is both eye catching and mesmerising with traceable effects from never ending rows of colourful light. Battery operated, this striking infinity mirror can be placed anywhere...

'6" Infinity Mirror Stockist Deal' priced at £12.95  =>  Click for Deal

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