Bargain Child & Balloon Nightlight with Sticker Stockists

Bargain Child & Balloon Nightlight with Sticker Stockists

A charming wall decal for kid's rooms, a little girl and her cuddly toys are swept into the clouds by a bunch of pink balloons in an adorable fantasy image. Measuring 120cm x 150cm, this good sized wall decal gives your child's room an instant makeover with charming colour and a sense of magic and adventure. An LED nightlight nestles amongst the pink balloons which shines with a gentle pink glow at night giving extra dimension to the wall decal as it casts a soothing glow into your child's room for comfort at night. Pink balloon wall sticker and LED night lightLarge wall sticker measures: 120cm x 150cmPink balloon night light measures 26cm diameterPull cord ON/OFFBattery operated; requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)Wall hanging included

Bargain Deal: £24.95

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Mini USB/Battery Origami Animal Light Stockist

These adorable mini LED lights are shaped just like woodland creatures with a unique angular origami shape to add serious cool to their cute factor. Available in either orange fox or white rabbit, these sweet little lamps are USB or battery operated (included) and so can be placed anywhere in your home as a feature light, and they're lit by LEDs that remain cool to the touch making them ideal for use in kids rooms as a comforting night light. Mini woodland animal origami lightsChoose from orange fox or white rabbitUnique origami...

'Mini USB/Battery Origami Animal Light Stockist Deal' priced at £9.95  =>  Click for Deal


Rainbow Glow Rosie Stockist

With her tactile body and glowing tummy, Rainbow Glow Rosie is set to become your baby's favourite toy! Bright colours stimulate baby's vision whilst the variety of tactile materials range from smooth and silky, to rough, crinkly and felt to give baby a whole range of textures to explore. Rainbow Rosie's curly tail makes it easy to secure her on baby's cot side whilst her light up tummy scrolls through a mesmerising colour change to soothe little ones at night. Choose from light only, or lights and sounds for a calming melody...

'Rainbow Glow Rosie Stockist Deal' priced at £24.95  =>  Click for Deal


Origami Lamp Animal Stockist

Origami never looked so sweet as these adorable woodland animal lamps. Available as a cunning fox or an alert rabbit, these animal lamps are crafted to replicate traditional origami with distinctive angular shapes that are softened by the LED light inside. Perfect for kids rooms, these quirky lamps emit a warm, atmospheric glow that's ideal as a night light adding subtle charm and personality wherever they sit. Origami styled animal lampsAvailable as orange fox or white rabbitLong life LED insideMains operated, on/off switch...

'Origami Lamp Animal Stockist Deal' priced at £28.99  =>  Click for Deal


Trolls Poppy Illumi Mate Stockist

The cutest, most upbeat character from the Trolls movie, Poppy comforts your child at night with a friendly face and a comforting glow. Lit by a colour change LED, this sweet little character scrolls through a soothing colour change when lit, casting just enough light to reassure young Trolls fans at night. Battery operated, the Poppy Illumi-Mate can be taken anywhere for relaxing light and remains cool to touch making it suitable for even the smallest of hands. Trolls Poppy Illumi-Mate night lightColour Change LEDSize: 13cm...

'Trolls Poppy Illumi Mate Stockist Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Philips Marvel Spiderman Nightlight Stockist

The Philips Marvel Spiderman Nightlight offers a friendly face to reassure and comfort kids at night. Bright, bold and colourful, the nightlight features an inbuilt motion sensor which is activated by the slightest movement, lighting automatically when your child wakes and moves past it. Perfect for children who wake through the night and those midnight toilet trips, Spiderman will shine brightly to reassure them until they fall asleep. Spiderman nightlight with motion sensorAutomatically turns on when it senses movementWarm...

'Philips Marvel Spiderman Nightlight Stockist Deal' priced at £12.95  =>  Click for Deal


Woodland Owl LED Nightlight Stockist

A wise little owl to help your child to sleep at night, the Woodland Owl LED Night Light casts a warm white glow into your child's room to provide the comfort of light at night. A quirky little character, the woodland owl is all white with red features and blue eyes and is lit by white LED's to cast a soft and soothing glow. The LED's mean that your little owl night light remains cool to the touch and battery operated, it can be placed anywhere in your child's room, they can even take him to bed! Woodland owl LED nightlightBattery...

'Woodland Owl LED Nightlight Stockist Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal


Dog Mood Light Stockist

This cute pooch is one adorable character with his quizzical expression he lights up your room with a colourful glow. Lit by colour change LEDs, this sweet pup gently phases through seven cool colours for a soothing light that will brighten up your space. Battery operated, this colourful cutie can be placed anywhere and even taken on the move to give you relaxing light wherever you go! Dog mood lightColour change LEDsPhases through 7 coloursBattery operated; requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)Size: 14.5cm (H) x 10cm...

'Dog Mood Light Stockist Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Chewbacca Illumi Mate Stockist

Little ones will love to go to bed at night safe in the knowledge that their favourite Wookie Chewbacca is watching over them! Lit by a colour change LED, this fun night light is a must for Star Wars fans, illuminating their space with a soft, colourful glow. Cool to the touch, Chewie shines through a colour change light show to give extra reassurance at night, and because he's battery operated, he can be taken on all your child's adventures from sleepovers to holidays to soothe night after night. Star Wars Chewbacca night...

'Chewbacca Illumi Mate Stockist Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Bear & Balloon Nightlight with Sticker Stockist

An adorable vinyl wall decoration and height marker for your little ones room or nursery, a little frog holds a bunch of balloons with various cute animal faces and each string features height markers so that you can chart your child's progress as they grow. Not just a cute wall decoration, the largest balloon is a teddy bear face which is packed with LEDs; pull the cord and this sweet teddy bear becomes a soothing night light to comfort your little one as they drift off to sleep. Animal wall sticker height chart and LED...

'Bear & Balloon Nightlight with Sticker Stockist Deal' priced at £17.46  =>  Click for Deal


Star Wars Moodlights Stockist

These Star Wars Mood Lights are the ultimate protection against the dark side (of the room). Each mood light replicates the iconic helmet of either Darth Vader or the Stormtroopers with great detail and depth. A soft light illuminates the lamp from within, emitting a subtle white glow from the Stormtrooper and a red glow that is revealed through the eyes and mouth grill of Darth Vader. As the mood lights are battery operated, they can be used anywhere in the home, and even carried with you on midnight toilet trips, keeping...

'Star Wars Moodlights Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal

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