Bargain Bloom Natural Birch Lampshade Stockists

Bargain Bloom Natural Birch Lampshade Stockists

Designed by Desinature a British design brand dedicated to stylish contemporary eco-conscious lighting who donate a portion of their proceeds to a Tree planting scheme in the Niger desert. The beautiful elegant lampshade is formed from 6 identical panels that clip together, each panel is laser cut using responsibly sourced wood, before being sanded for a perfectly smooth finish. The shade is delivered flat packed in 'recycled' attractive packaging. This shade would be beautifully complemented by our Plumen bulb! Responsibly sourced Birch Plywood Made in the UKHeight 45cm, Width 28cm, Depth 25cmPackaged 47cm long, 15cm high, 1.5cm thick.Use with energy saving bulb max 15W

Bargain Deal: £60.88

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Delicosa Lampshade Stockist

Made from polypropylene to diffuse the light beautifully and create the graceful twists and curves which drape over the central bud-like body. The Delicossa is a sculptural light shade whose design plays with light and shadows cast upon its own surfaces. Available in either kit form or for those who'd rather not struggle with flat pack construction we can deliver the shade assembled (please allow 3-5 days delivery for assembled) Self assemble or ready made Made from white recyclable polypropelene Tested according to BSEN 60598...

'Delicosa Lampshade Stockist Deal' priced at £22.48  =>  Click for Deal


Plumen Light Bulb and Pendant Stockist

Winner of the Brit Insurance Design of the year 2011 and awarded the prestigious Black Pencil at the D & AD awards, the Plumen bulb is not only better for the environment and keeps down electricity bills but is also aesthetically pleasing. The Pendant Set is a stylish and simple way of displaying your Plumen Light Bulb and adding a little Manhattan chic to your home. With a traditional yet contemporary styling, with braided hanging cord and simplistic lines, the Plumen Light Bulb and Pendant Set makes for a stunning modern...

'Plumen Light Bulb and Pendant Stockist Deal' priced at £19.96  =>  Click for Deal


Iris Lightbulb Stockist

A clear globe style lightbulb with a pretty secret, the filaments of this bulb form an iris flower that shines with a gentle glow. Unusual statement lighting, this stunning bulb gives a warm feminine feel to cold industrial lighting fixtures and makes a striking lighting feature when used as a stand alone bulb or as part of a clustered lighting display. At 75mm, this bulb is large enough to use in modern lighting designs that feature exposed bulbs on braided cords or can be used to brighten up standard lamps and bulb cages....

'Iris Lightbulb Stockist Deal' priced at £6.95  =>  Click for Deal


Yellow Paper Star Lantern Stockist

Inspired by the colourful glass lanterns of Morocco, this yellow paper star lantern will add a burst of colour to any room in the home. Attach the lantern around a regular light fitting with a 60w bulb, to create pretty shards of colour that stream out through the multi-coloured paper windows of the lantern. Use the lanterns as stunning party decorations, or as more permanent lighting around the home. Yellow Paper Star LanternUse with maximum 60w bulb Size: 60cm (from tip to tip)Not suitable for use with naked flame

'Yellow Paper Star Lantern Stockist Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal


Jeeves and Wooster Pendant Lights Stockist

Classic British style meets fun modern design with these fabulous pendant lights made from authentic bowler and top hats. Fantastic as a pair just like Jeeves and Wooster or as singular pieces, these classic British cultural icons reflect a by-gone era of imperialism, class divide and true eccentricity. Perfect then, to uplight any room in your home with their delightful charm and personality. Wooster A classic felt Top Hat with metal liningA British design classic made from aluminium and felt Black outer with silver innerInbuilt...

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Starflake Lampshade Stockist

Made in white translucent polypropylene, a material chosen for its quality, durability and recyclability. The Starflake lamp shade looks both powerful and elegant and is available in flat pack kit form or for those who hate following flat pack build instructions, pre assembled, please allow 3-5 days delivery for pre assembled. Self assemble or ready made Made from white recyclable polypropelene Tested according to BSEN 60598 Use energy bulb only. Designed by KaigamiStarflake dimensions 80 x 80 x 50cm Assembled Please note...

'Starflake Lampshade Stockist Deal' priced at £40.00  =>  Click for Deal


Pipeworks Wall Light Stockist

A very impressive wall light that takes industrial chic to the extreme, Pipeworks is crafted from metal piping measuring a whopping 1m length. Upcycled from real metal piping, Pipeworks is a real conversation piece, and despite it's stripped back minimalist appearance, it adds real warmth to your space using five vintage styled exposed filament bulbs. Complete with fittings for wall mounting, this industrial lighting piece has a 2m long braided cord with an inline switch for easy access. Industrial piping light featureMetal...

'Pipeworks Wall Light Stockist Deal' priced at £199.99  =>  Click for Deal


Orchid Lampshade Stockist

A fresh new concept in lighting from British Designer KaiGami, the Orchid Lampshade is ingenious in that it's a puzzle that you piece together to reveal a contemporary piece of homelighting. Designed using white recyclable Polypropylene, the puzzle fits together in six easy steps to reveal a beautiful modern design that casts a soft intimate light into your room. Taking it's curved shapes from nature, the Orchid Lampshade's soft design will give a beautiful lift to your home. If flat pack building is your idea of hell, choose...

'Orchid Lampshade Stockist Deal' priced at £44.10  =>  Click for Deal


Flamingo Light Bulb Stockist

An unusual light bulb with a distinctly tropical vibe, this striking bulb has filaments shaped like a flamingo and a palm tree in the background that glow in vibrant pink and green to make the ultimate statement lighting. Based upon the vintage filament bulbs that are becoming increasingly popular, this stunning bulb is designed to be seen and so will work best with vintage styled bulb cages and will work particularly well with the Vintage Flick Switch Lamp where the whole of the bulb is exposed. A stunning mood light, this...

'Flamingo Light Bulb Stockist Deal' priced at £6.95  =>  Click for Deal


Real Crystal LED Light Bulbs Stockist

Crafted from solid crystal, these stunning Crystaled light bulbs give a very luxurious feel to your home. Dripping with style, each crystal bulb is available in clear, amber and blue in square, round and diamond shapes. Sleek and elegant, the design of these bulbs allows the soft light from the mini LED bulb to shine gently into your room through the cut crystal outer of the lamp filling your home with a gentle glow. Display these super stylish lamps on their own using a braided cord or bunch together to form a cluster of decadent...

'Real Crystal LED Light Bulbs Stockist Deal' priced at £38.50  =>  Click for Deal

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