Bargain Blinking Boggleball Stockists

Bargain Blinking Boggleball Stockists

Bounce the Blinking Boggleball and red and blue LEDs inside are activated to give a colourful light show! The surface of the Boggleball is covered with various small and larger sized squidgy spikes making it highly tactile and giving a non uniform bounce making this bouncy ball as unpredictable as it is fun! The bright colours and the the rubber surface of the ball make the Boggleball ideal for sensory use encouraging touch and visual stimulation, but more importantly, it's oodles of fun! Textured bouncy ball Flashing LEDs activated when bouncedVibrant coloursTactile outerHighly tactileSize: 6.5cm diameter

Bargain Deal: £2.50

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Flashing Puffer Caterpillar Stockist

With bright and vibrant neon colours and a tactile rubbery body, these flashing puffer caterpillars are irresistible to kids. Soft and squidgy with a tactile textured body and legs, this cute character is lit by colourful motion activated LEDs. Bounce, squeeze, stretch and light up this fun little caterpillar that feels so soft that you won't want to put him down! Flashing puffer caterpillar toyTactile, squidgy bodyStretch, squeeze and light upColourful LED ball insideMotion activated LEDBright neon coloursSuitable for children...

'Flashing Puffer Caterpillar Stockist Deal' priced at £2.99  =>  Click for Deal


Flashing Spikey Ball Stockist

Throw, catch and bounce colourful spiky balls for endless play and light up fun! Available in various bright neon colours, each spiky ball is lit from within by colourful flashing LEDs that illuminate upon impact for fun flashing effects. Soft and tactile, flashing spiky balls are ideal for all kinds of play engaging kids in sensory activity encouraging touch and providing visual stimulation. Flashing spiky ballsAvailable in mixed coloured boxes of 12 or individuallyColours may varyLit by flashing red and blue LEDLEDs activate...

'Flashing Spikey Ball Stockist Deal' priced at £1.49  =>  Click for Deal


Flashing Balloon Ball Stockist

As light as air but more robust than a balloon, balloon balls can be inflated time and again for endless fun! Inflate using the straw included up to 25cm and the LED lights inside will flash whenever you bounce the ball! Squeeze it, throw it, bounce it and play after dark with amazing flashing effects! LED balloon ballContains RGB LED flashing light unitInflates up to 25cm!Inflate again and again for endless funDeflate after useAvailable in pink, green and blue (please note that colours will be chosen randomly unless specified...

'Flashing Balloon Ball Stockist Deal' priced at £2.50  =>  Click for Deal


Light Up Kinetic Wheel Stockist

The Light Up Kinetic Wheel is quite a toy to master….run the wheel along the rails to create fabulous tricks that look even more impressive as the wheel lights up. The kinetic wheel works on the principle of kinetic energy, so by simply sliding the wheel along the rail you’re generating enough kinetic energy for the wheel to power itself along the rail creating amazing tricks. Watch in amazement as it lights up to heighten the effects! Wheel: 5.5cm diameter Rail: 26cm long x 5.5cm Requires 2 x cell (AG-13) batteries (included)...

'Light Up Kinetic Wheel Stockist Deal' priced at £3.95  =>  Click for Deal


Glow in the Dark Balloon Ball Stockist

Light as a balloon but as hardy as a light ball, balloon balls are small rubber balls that you can inflate up to 25cm for endless play. Squeeze, it, throw it, bounce it, and better still see it in the dark as these balloon balls glow in the dark too! Use the straw included to inflate and then deflate for use after use, expose to natural light and then play in the dark with these fantastic glow in the dark balloon balls! Glow in the dark balloon ballsInflate up to 25cm diameterInflate and then deflate using the straw included...

'Glow in the Dark Balloon Ball Stockist Deal' priced at £1.99  =>  Click for Deal


Spiky Prism Bouncy Ball Stockist

Brightly coloured and with a tactile squidgy body, this prism ball is strangely difficult to put down! Bounce on surfaces and the ball will light up with flashing LEDs introducing another facet to this fun toy that promotes visual stimulation with bright colours and flashing lights and is incredibly tactile. It's unique shape means that this prism ball never has a uniform bounce making play unpredictable and lots of fun! Flashing prism bouncy ballUnique, angular shapeBright coloursMotion sensitive flashing LEDSquidgy, tactile...

'Spiky Prism Bouncy Ball Stockist Deal' priced at £2.20  =>  Click for Deal


Disco Glide Ball Stockist

A strangely mesmerising hard plastic ball with clear casing reveals the brightly coloured spotty inner that glides and spins as you play. Bounce the ball and an LED inside lights up highlighting the colourful spots leaving trails of light in the dark. Ideal for endless play and sensory fun. Disco glide ballInner glides around the outer clear casingMotion sensitive LEDSize: 4cm diameter

'Disco Glide Ball Stockist Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sensor Stick Stockist

Hold both ends of the Sensor Stick to complete the circuit and you're rewarded with flashing lights and high pitched sounds! A clear plastic tube that's loaded with red, green and blue LED's, the sensor stick has metallic tape at either end that allows you to complete a circuit and activate the lights and sounds. Brilliant for sensory play, the Sensor Stick is great for encouraging hand eye co-ordination. Lights and sounds sensor stickClear plastic tube with red, green and blue LED'sHigh pitched soundsMetallic tape allows...

'Sensor Stick Stockist Deal' priced at £8.95  =>  Click for Deal


Lightshow Spinner Stockist

A classic old toy gets a modern makeover with colourful LEDs in the lightshow spinner. Switch on and pull the strings taught to spin and see revolutions of colourful light as the spinner whirls for mesmerising effects. Strangely addictive and lots of fun, this light show spinner makes a fantastic sensory toy as the movement and the pulling action are calming whilst the light draws the eye. Light show spinning toyColourful LEDs360˚ light showCreate moving spinning art!Easy to playFun to watchSize of wheel: 15cm diameter3...

'Lightshow Spinner Stockist Deal' priced at £2.95  =>  Click for Deal


Wavy Glow Spaghetti Stockist

Stretch and pull or simply run your fingers through this wavy glow spaghetti and enjoy the tactile texture of this seriously addictive sensory toy! Expose to UV blacklight or allow exposure to light and then use in pitch black conditions and this wavy spaghetti will glow in the dark! Encourage interaction with the sense of touch using glow wavy spaghetti and appeal to visual senses too with a little glow. Tactile stretchy glow spaghettiPink and blue lengthsTactile sensory toyGlow in the darkApprox length: 28cm longSuitable...

'Wavy Glow Spaghetti Stockist Deal' priced at £4.99  =>  Click for Deal

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