Bargain Bling Bling Cake Candelabra Stockists

Bargain Bling Bling Cake Candelabra Stockists

The Bling Bling Cake Candelabra adds instant bling to your cakes with cut glass crystal luxury and glamorous design. Designed to take five candles (included) this fun cake decoration is all you need to transform even the most average looking cake into an opulent masterpiece! Candelabra cake decorationCut glass designPlasticNine candles includedAdd instant glamour to your cakeSize: 14cm x 14.5cm Cake spike on base

Bargain Deal: £6.95

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Partytime Ice Fountain Candles (48 Pack) Stockist

Impress your guests with these amazing Partytime Ice Fountain Candles. This bumper box contains a massive 48 candles, packaged in packs of two. Whether you are adding sparkle to a wedding, special occasion or festive events, ice fountain candles will create an incredible effect to blow your guests away! Instructions: Before use, remove spike and replace on other end of ice fountain. Insert spike fully into cake so fountain is securely held vertically. Stand sideways, light ignition head and retire immediately by 1 metre....

'Partytime Ice Fountain Candles (48 Pack) Stockist Deal' priced at £23.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sparkling Candles (Pack of 18 x 60) Stockist

These celebration candles are like traditional sparklers with a wax coating, so although there sparkle is much more subtle than a traditional sparkler, the effect will last longer as the wax slows down the burn time. The silver sparkles are intermittent as the candle burns down to offer a much more gentle sparkle than say our ice fountains or sparkler number candles. 60 packs of 18 candlesCandle height 16.8cmSilver sparkler candles

'Sparkling Candles (Pack of 18 x 60) Stockist Deal' priced at £14.40  =>  Click for Deal


Cake Candelabra Stockist

Give extra wow factor to your celebration cakes with a luxurious cake candelabra. When standard birthday candles don't quite cut it, these glam birthday candle holders come complete with nine candles to dress up your cake for the main event. Available in either ivory with red and white candles or gold with white candles, these classic colours compliment most cakes and their vintage looks turn your cake into a stunning centrepiece. Candelabra cake decorationHolds and includes nine birthday candlesSize: 13cm x 6cm Available...

'Cake Candelabra Stockist Deal' priced at £5.99  =>  Click for Deal


Floating Birthday Candle Stockist

Save on cake calories and skip straight to the drinks! This fab floating candle will float in your birthday drinks so that you can blow out your candle and make a birthday wish even without the cake! Floating birthday candleIdeal for birthday drinksTreat the birthday boy or girl!Measures: 7cm tall x 4.5cm diameter

'Floating Birthday Candle Stockist Deal' priced at £3.95  =>  Click for Deal


Colour Flame Birthday Candles (12 pack) Stockist

Colour Flame Birthday Cake Candles - with a difference! As you would expect from this fantastic range these candles burn with red, purple, green, blue and gold flames to add extra magic to birthdays & special occasions. A pack of 12 Angel Flames candles complete with cake candleholders. The colour of the flames coordinates with the colour of the wax. Certainly the best birthday cake candles we have seen. A superb use of the colour flame technology that never fails to bring smiles

'Colour Flame Birthday Candles (12 pack) Stockist Deal' priced at £2.95  =>  Click for Deal


Dinosaur Birthday Candles (5 Pack) Stockist

A pack of five adorable Dinosaur Birthday Candles that are ideal for theming your child's birthday cake, these cute purple dinosaurs come ready to go on wooden spikes so that all you need to do is place them on your cake. Perfect for little boys and little girls, this pack of five delightful dinosaurs are more "Barney" than "Jurassic Park" and will brighten up any cake for an extra cute touch that kids will love. Pack of 5 dinosaur cake candles7cm x 3cm Purple dinosaursGreat for kids parties

'Dinosaur Birthday Candles (5 Pack) Stockist Deal' priced at £3.95  =>  Click for Deal


Pirate Party Cake Candles Stockist

Swashbuckling birthday candles for your would be pirate, these sweet pirate party candles are the perfect finishing touch for birthday and celebration cakes. A five pack of candles featuring three little pirates, a treasure chest and a pirate ship, these fun candles are ideal for theming with each character elevated on a candle spike for easy placement and topped with a wick for easy lighting. Five pack of pirate birthday candlesFeatures: 3 x pirates, 1 x treasure chest, 1 x pirate shipCandles measure: 3cm (H) x 2.4cm (W)Candle...

'Pirate Party Cake Candles Stockist Deal' priced at £2.95  =>  Click for Deal


Shit Ur Old Candles Stockist

There's nothing like a good piece of insulting banter to top your yummy birthday cake and these birthday candles fit the bill perfectly as the letters form the message "Shit U R old!" Each letter comes perched on its own plastic pick for easy placement on your cake and each letter contains a single wick giving you ten flames in total. Brightly coloured fun for birthdays of ever increasing age! Pack of ten letter birthday candlesSpell out the message "Shit U R Old!"Plastic picks for easy placementSize of...

'Shit Ur Old Candles Stockist Deal' priced at £4.50  =>  Click for Deal


Celebration Candles Stockist

Six assorted shapes and colour candles, these special candles are great for childrens birthday cakes. Comes in two different styles, a pink and flowery set for girls and the football/trophy cup for boys. Six Celebration Candles available in your choice of two designsFootball Design - five football candles and a trophy shaped candlesFlowers Design - six assorted butterflies, flowers and colourful shapesPerfect for birthdays!

'Celebration Candles Stockist Deal' priced at £1.50  =>  Click for Deal


Lost Count Candles Stockist

A fun birthday message that's verging on insulting, these jovial letter candles spell out the message "LOST COUNT" in 3D letters. Brilliant birthday candles for those who're a little sensitive about their age, light up your cake and a giggle with these hilarious, colourful candles! Perfect for the birthday boy or girl of "advancing" years.

'Lost Count Candles Stockist Deal' priced at £3.95  =>  Click for Deal

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