Bargain Beeswax Candles (3 Pack) Stockists

Bargain Beeswax Candles (3 Pack) Stockists

Not only does this set of three rolled beeswax candles look the part, but they're pretty good for you too! Environmentally friendly and non toxic, beeswax candles are known to release negative ions as they burn neutralising positive ions in the air invigorating your space. Hypo allergenic, they're ideal for those that love candles but may suffer from allergies where unnaturally scented candles may cause irritation, in fact the natural ioniser benefits of the beeswax can be beneficial to those suffering from environmental allergies, sensitivities and asthma. Because natural beeswax has a higher burning point than paraffin candles, the flame produced burns brighter and for longer creating very little wax, making these rolled candles perfect for creating a truly relaxing environment. Three pack of beeswax candlesRolled beeswax candlesNatural productEmits negative ions, neutralises the airHypo allergenicBurns brighter, cleaner and longer than paraffin candlesBurn time 5 hoursSize: 5cm (H) x 4.5cm (Diameter)Wooden display rack

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Colour Melting Unicorn Candle Stockist

Rainbows and unicorns go hand in hand and this magical unicorn candle melts gradually revealing a rainbow of colour! Light the wick of this sweet little unicorn and watch as the colours reveal themselves as the wax melts. With a twenty hour burntime, this enchanting candle will brighten up your space with vivid colours revealed as the unicorn melts away. Colour melting unicorn candleLayered coloured wax creates melting rainbow effect20 hours burn timeSize: 15cm (H) x 1.5cm (D) x 9cm (W)

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Gold Parrot Candle Stockist

Sitting proud with his gilded golden looks, this golden parrot adds luxe charm and his own individual personality to your home. Far too good to burn, this stunning golden parrot adds a touch of kitsch to your home adding warmth to vintage themes, and if you must light him, he's made from 100% paraffin wax and has a burn time of 30 hours. Gold parrot candle100% paraffin wax30 hour burn timeSize: 18.5cm (H) x 9.5cm (W) x 7cm (D)

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Gold Circus Elephant Candle Stockist

Adopt carnival style and a traditional sense of circus fun with a gold circus elephant candle. Dripping with opulence, this luxurious golden elephant takes you back to carnivals gone by where elephants were the star of the show, dressed to impress in their finery. Ideal for placing around your home as a decorative talking point, this fun candle has a five hour burn time, but seems almost too good to burn! Gold carnival elephant candleLuxurious and opulent5 hour burn timeSize: 10.8cm (L) x 5cm (D) x 9cm (H)

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Wine Bottle Candle Stockist

Trim your table and fool your guests with a very realistic looking wine bottle candle. Designed to look just like a real bottle of vintage red wine, this decorative candle can be used as an ornament or as a real candle and has a burn time of around 40 hours. These look great on dining tables and make fabulous gifts for wine lovers. Red wine bottle candleBurn time: approx 40 hoursSize: 29cm x 7cm diameter

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Glow Christmas Tree Candle Stockist

Snowy white and laced with gold glitter, this festive Christmas Tree candle will steal the show in your Christmas displays and table decorations for not only do they look adorable, they glow in the dark too! Display individually or as a cluster for more striking effects where they will have maximum exposure to natural light during the day, when you turn out the lights they will glow in the dark for up to eight hours! So much fun, it would be a crime to light this candle, but if you do, you can expect them to burn for approximately...

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Star Wars Death Star Candle Stockist

With a 6cm diameter this Death Star candle is considerably smaller than Darth Vader's planet destroyer, but all the detail's there including the infamous crater. A must for Star Wars fans, this mini Death Star has a wick that runs through the centre so that you can see it go up in flames and will burn for up to ten hours. Star Wars Death Star candle6cm diameter10 hour burn time

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Secret Message Candle Stockist

A fun new way to get your message across, Secret Message Candles burn away to reveal your innermost thoughts! A pink wax candle in a ceramic white pot, each candle is printed with the words "I just wanted to tell you".... light the candle, and as it burns away your secret message is revealed printed in the base of the holder. A brilliant gift, and a creative way to get your message across, choose from: "Have a magical birthday!", "You're smoking hot!", "I'm flaming gay" or "You light...

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Alusi Candles Stockist

Sleek in style and elegant in form, the innovative multi-flame design of Alusi Candles fits perfectly within modern interiors. Light the wick and watch the shape of the candle transform as it burns down, eventually separating into two separate wicks (or even three in the case of the Saba). Available in three sculptural designs, the only conundrum is whether you can bear to burn them. Multi flame sculptural candlesWhite unscented candlesAvailable in three designs: Quadra, Luna and Saba (One supplied per order)Candle burn time;...

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Flatyz Poppies Candle Stockist

Featuring two vibrant red poppies and decorated with gold and black glittered beads, these Flatyz poppies candles are fresh and clean with a unique flat design. Handmade from wax, Flatyz candles have a very thin 0.6cm depth creating clean lines and a unique shape. Complete with it's own candle holder, each candle has a 3-4 hour burn time and the double wick allows for an even, uniform burn. Flatyz decorative poppies candleUnique flat 0.6cm width designDouble wickHand made from waxCandle size: 15cm (L) x 5.8cm (W) x 0.6cm (D)...

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Big Ben Candle Blue Stockist

Standing at an impressive 32cm tall, this stylish candle lives up to it's namesake commanding attention wherever you choose to place it. A wax replica of the famous London landmark, this Big Ben candle is ideal for adding a little cool Britannia to your home with it's detailed appearance flying the flag for British design. Big Ben candleBlue waxSize: 32.8cm (H) x 8.8cm (W) x 8.8cm (D)Burn time: 70 hoursWeight: 625g

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