Bargain Balcony Glass Tealight Holders (BL088) Stockists

Bargain Balcony Glass Tealight Holders (BL088) Stockists

Decorate your balcony, patio railings and more with magical tealights held in place with balcony glass tealight holders. Each tall glass tealight holder is held in place with a flexible rubber holder available in either green, blue or red that wraps around the banister of the balcony to hold the candle in place. Perfect for smaller spaces, these practical candle holders not only look great, but they're practical too preventing accidental knocks and spillages. Balcony tealight holderGlass candle holder with silicone attachment loop for balcony holderSilicone loops available in green, red or blue (please note that colours are selected at random unless specified at checkout)Suitable for use with single tealight candle (not included)Glass jar measures: 8.5cm (L) x 4.5cm (diameter)Loops around your balcony to hold tealight candles in place

Bargain Deal: £5.99

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Candelabra Tea Light Holder Stockist

The Candelabra Tea Light Holder gives the tea light a grand feel that can only be achieved by gothic candelabras. The tea light sits in the middle of the candelabra and casts out soft flickering light that’s ideal for softly lit dinners and relaxing mood lighting. 13cm x 8.8cmTakes one tea light candle (not included)

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Hanging Recycled Glass Nightlight Stockist

A large and beautifully decorative candle holder, the gorgeous Hanging Recycled Glass Nightlight is made from hand blown colourful glass and so each design is unique in colour and effects. Visually stunning, each candle holder can be placed on surfaces around your home or garden or hung using the ribbon included from tree branches or hooks around your home for beautiful, atmospheric lighting. Each decorative candle holder measures eleven centimetres in diameter and is open at the front to take a tea light candle. The resulting...

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24cm Hanging Moroccan Lantern Stockist

Recreate the warmth and inviting atmosphere of Moroccan nights with beautifully detailed Moroccan hanging lanterns. Designed to take a single tealight candle, soft candle light shines through the decorated glass and the cut out detailing in the lantern outer to create a relaxing atmosphere. Hang around your garden, patio or indoors too for a mystical bohemian feel. Moroccan styled hanging metal lanternAntique effect metalGlass decorative windowsAvailable with glass panels in either green, purple, pink or blue (please note that...

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Infinity Illusion Candle Stockist

Infinity illusion candles create a stunning optical illusion of candles stretching off into the distance. Thanks to it's clever optics, the infinity illusion candles make one candle look like hundreds stretching off into infinity. Thankfully however, there's only one candle used, which saves a lot of time when lighting it. The Infinity Illusion Candle is supplied complete with an assortment of tealight candles to get you glowing straight away and can be wall mounted too. Round Shape The original round Infinity candle...

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17cm Moroccan Lantern Stockist

Relaxing summer evenings and boho chic go hand in hand with this pretty moroccan lantern. A brushed metal lantern with striking cut out moroccan design, colourful glass windows (purple, pink, green or blue) open up to take a tealight candle or LED tealight. Place on tables, patio's and decking to enjoy soft, delicate candlelight as it shines through the lantern casting patterned shadows onto surrounding surfaces to make beautifully atmospheric garden lighting. Standing Moroccan garden lanternBrushed metal lantern with coloured...

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Candle Globe Candle Holder Stockist

The Candle Globe is a beautiful and ambient candle holder, mouth blown by skilled craftsmen using recycled glass. They can be used in plant pots both indoors and outdoors, as well as being ideal for placing in an empty wine bottle to create an ambient and relaxing atmosphere, or to add a touch of elegance. Ideal for use with tealights or battery operated tealights. Includes 1 x tealight and 1 x taperHand blown glass made by craftsmenIncluded tealight will burn for up to 4 hoursIdeal for use in plant pots, hanging baskets...

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Fuzz Tealight Holders Stockist

The Fuzz tealight Holder is an intriguing mix of surface pattern design and blown glass, simple ideas combined to create a subtle but pleasing effect. Each of these blown glass candle holders has a special pattern printed on the inside of the glass which creates a subtle 'fuzzy' lighting effect as the candle flickers and burns. Each Fuzz glass tealight holder is double-layered to help prevent the outer surface from getting too warm. Two Fuzz tea light holdersBlown Glass tealight holders with double wallsJust add candles! ...

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Mirrored Candle Plates Stockist

A simple idea with stunning results, place pillar candles or tealights on mirrored candle plates, and the mesmerising dance of the flame will be reflected into your room from the mirrored surface. Not just decorative but practical too, these highly polished plates will catch wax drips protecting your surfaces whilst amplifying the warm glow from your candles. Available in three sizes with either a 13cm diameter, a 25cm diameter or a 30cm diameter. Mirrored candle platesAvailable with 30cm diameter, 25cm diameter or a 13cm...

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Lithophane Dome Tealight Holders Stockist

Place a tealight candle inside these porcelain lithophane domes to reveal the beautifully detailed designs. Lithophane is a form of art where images are etched or moulded into very thin porcelain so that the image is revealed when the porcelain is backlit showing enchanting images and casting a warm glow. Choose from Wonderland (Baby Deer), Animated Cats or Carousel designs and bring their stunning images to life everytime you light a tealight inside. Why not illuminate with a colour change light base for stunning colourful effects? ...

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Owls Glass Tealight Holder Stockist

As sweet as it is colourful, two little owls gaze at each other on this beautifully coloured tealight candle holder. A vibrant design that sits on a resin skin on the outer of the glass jar, the soft yellow background illuminates the cosy owls with a stunning warm glow. Ideal for use with real flame or LED tealights, this decorative tealight holder adds a soft, atmospheric glow to your home. Owl glass tealight holderSweet owl designResin outer layerSuitable for use with real flame or LED tealight candleSize: 10.5cm diameter...

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