Bargain Auraglow Motion Activated Toilet Light Stockists

Bargain Auraglow Motion Activated Toilet Light Stockists

Transform your loo into a glowing beacon of light and ensure that there's no stumbling around in the dark or missing the target with the Auraglow colour changing toilet light. Motion activated and light sensitive too, simply wander into the loo at night and the toilet light will sense your movement automatically switching on in vibrant colour! Choose from a colour change option or go with static light in either blue, purple, aqua, yellow, red, white or green and remove the need to switch on the "big" bathroom light at night, making night time trips to the loo a much more pleasant experience and it's great fun for potty training too. Colour change toilet rim lightMotion activated/light sensitiveSet to colour change or static colour; blue, purple, aqua, yellow, red, white or greenGuides you to the loo at night; no more messy clean ups!Makes potty training funFits any toilet in seconds; clips onto rimSize: 8cm (H) x 7cm (W) x 2cm (D) Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

Bargain Deal: £9.95

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Alcohol Breath Tester Stockist

A very compact and useful gadget to protect yourself and others from the dangers of 'drink driving' either on the night or the morning after. Using Advanced Semiconductor Oxide Technology (ASC) this portable gadget will quickly and accurately measure the alcohol content of your blood, with a bright backlit display you can easily see the results even when in a dark environment. It has a quick 'warm up' time of only 10 seconds and gives you your result in under 5 seconds. You should always take your measurements a good 20 minutes...

'Alcohol Breath Tester Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Handy Light Up Pens Stockist

These cool and fun pens only light up when you're writing with them. The whole of the pen illuminates, clearly visible in daylight and they're bright enough for you to be able to see your scribbles in the dark. Colours change lights illuminate various styles including a 'pointing finger', a 'thumbs up', an 'okay', and a 'rock on' hand sign. Ideal for party bag gifts or stocking fillers. Lights when writing onlyColour change lightsBlue Ink14-16cm high (dependent on gesture)Non replaceable batteriesStyles vary

'Handy Light Up Pens Stockist Deal' priced at £1.79  =>  Click for Deal


iPhone 4 & 4s Macro Lens & Spotlight Stockist

Not just a protective case! The 5 x optical zoom combined with your 5x zoom of your iPhone 4/4s creates a macro style 25 x zoom of your image. When used with a torch App the lens can also intensify the beam into a sharp spotlight. The design of the case allows easy access to all the controls, buttons and ports.

'iPhone 4 & 4s Macro Lens & Spotlight Stockist Deal' priced at £6.42  =>  Click for Deal


Looftlighter Stockist

The Looftlighter is a heating tool that will revolutionise the way you light your BBQ's and fireplaces. Simple to use, this lightweight firelighter is made from a durable stainless steel inner with aluminium cover, which means it's sure to last years and years. No more getting frustrated over trying to light the BBQ as the Looftlighter can create an established fire within 1minute. Super heated air is blown out of the top of this nifty electric firelighter to approximately 680°C, which means that you will never need to use...

'Looftlighter Stockist Deal' priced at £54.95  =>  Click for Deal


Street Mouse Stealth Stockist

Sporting alloy wheels, tinted windows and working headlights, this cool ergonomic mouse is styled in the TVR Tuscan shape. Ideal for dark evenings on the internet, you can race around your own desk without the risk of speed cameras or potholes. A high quality ergonomically designed dpi mouse with 2 buttons and scroll wheel. Accurate USB optical mouseOptical 800 DPIReal working headlights

'Street Mouse Stealth Stockist Deal' priced at £9.95  =>  Click for Deal


Traffic Baton Stockist

Packed full of bright LED lights, this light up traffic baton can flash or shine in either red or green, light providing a highly visible baton of light to help direct traffic or just alert them to your presence! The Traffic Baton also features a handy torch and a magnetic base - so this Traffic Baton is a bit more than a mere traffic baton. Switch between red and green light and static and flashing modes with just the push of a button. The easy to use traffic baton is durable, and versatile. Equipped with belt clip, wrist...

'Traffic Baton Stockist Deal' priced at £16.99  =>  Click for Deal


Ultimate Geek Pen Stockist

Q: What's better in this world than a laser pointer? A: A laser pointer with an inbuilt UV light, Q: What's even better than a laser pointer with an inbuilt UV light? A: A laser pointer with an inbuilt UV light, regular white light on an adjustable gooseneck, ball point pen, and PDA stylus! For geeks and gadget lovers this is the ultimate pen, the laser pointer can be used for important executive Powerpoint presentations, or for simply teasing your cat, the UV light for reading invisible ink on top secret documents or for applying...

'Ultimate Geek Pen Stockist Deal' priced at £8.99  =>  Click for Deal


Lav Nav Stockist

Yes crazy but fantastic - you will wonder how you managed without it! This Toilet Light easily attaches to any toilet and uses an inbuilt PIR sensor which turns on as you approach illuminating the toilet. Additionally the Lav Nav Loo Light has red and green lights to indicate if the seat is up or down. With the Lav Nav fitted you no longer need to turn on the main, sometimes dazzling light; the Loo Light will illuminate the loo and its surroundings. Practical for the home and probably the most unique present in the world! ...

'Lav Nav Stockist Deal' priced at £9.95  =>  Click for Deal


Midnight Pebble Glow Clock Coaster (Single) Stockist

The Midnight Pebble has been developed using the very highest quality photoluminescent technology to provide a gentle illumination at night. It will charge up during exposure to natural or artificial light and will last until morning. It was developed as a glass stand for locating your bedside water, at any time during the night, the upward illumination clearly depicting the glass and its content. Additionally the integrated timepiece will gently inform you of the time. Styles of the clock face are available in either Aviator...

'Midnight Pebble Glow Clock Coaster (Single) Stockist Deal' priced at £16.99  =>  Click for Deal


UV Replacement Bulb for Bank Note Checker Stockist

A replacement bulb designed specifically for use with our UV Bank Note Checker

'UV Replacement Bulb for Bank Note Checker Stockist Deal' priced at £1.99  =>  Click for Deal

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