Bargain Auraglow Colour Changing Mushroom Lamp Stockists

Bargain Auraglow Colour Changing Mushroom Lamp Stockists

Whether it's presented as a globe or as a mushroom, this tactile mood lamp glows with gentle colour change light in a mesmerising light show. The silicone globe that forms the lamp is squidgy and tactile falling back into place when squeezed and can be pushed down evenly on top of the lamp base to form a mushroom shape. Lit by colour change LEDs, press the button on the base to switch between modes, from colour change to static colour and even set a timer to turn off after 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. Colour change mushroom lampSilicone globe on top can be squashed onto base to form mushroom shapeTactileLit by colour change LEDsTimer function: 10minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutesColour change and static modesRechargeable via micro USB (included)Lights for 7.5 - 17 hours from one charge (depending upon mode chosen)Size: 20cm (H) x 11.5cm (diameter)

Bargain Deal: £16.99

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Mini Volcano Lamp Stockist

Nothing quite beats the awesome display that mother nature puts on when a volcano erupts, but unfortunately there's no really safe viewing platform! The Mini Volcano Lamp recreates the awesome effects, just in miniature...inside a tank, giving you all the pleasure without the threat of death from toxic gases. The mini volcano sits in the base of the lamp and emits air causing the surrounding baubles to lift and swirl as if erupting from the cone of the volcano, add the red LED's that shine from the base and you have one pretty...

'Mini Volcano Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £14.95  =>  Click for Deal


Sneaker Lamp Stockist

Based upon the iconic Chuck Taylor Converse high top shoe, the Sneaker Lamp gives a sporting feel to your space and makes a fantastic mood lamp for older kids, teenagers and shoe enthusiasts alike. Lit by colour change LEDs, choose from colour change or white light options to suit your mood, and battery powered it can be placed anywhere in your home adding sporting chic and serious style! Sneaker LED mood lightBased upon the Chuck Taylor Converse shoeLit by colour change and white LEDsChoose from colour change or white light...

'Sneaker Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Laser Sphere Projector Stockist

A futuristic looking colour change mood lamp, the Laser Sphere Projector has a split personality! A stylish looking, soothing colour change light, remove the iridescent semi sphere diffuser and a dazzling light show projects star and nebula effects into your room! Perfect for relaxing or for entertaining, this enchanting lamp is certainly a conversation starter and also makes a stunning light for children's rooms. Laser Sphere Projector colour change mood lightDual use as a table top light show or a wall projectionAdapter included,...

'Laser Sphere Projector Stockist Deal' priced at £28.99  =>  Click for Deal


Spongebob Acrylic Mood Light Stockist

He lives in a pineapple under the sea and now he brightens up your kid's room too! The much loved character Spongebob Squarepants comes to life in colour change light casting gentle mood lighting into your room. An acrylic Spongebob Squarepants sits in an LED base that shines up through Spongebob highlighting the design and showing the 3D effect. A fun mood light or night light for kids, choose from six cool colours or set to colour change mode to suit your mood. Spongebob Squarepants 3D effect moodlight6 static colours and...

'Spongebob Acrylic Mood Light Stockist Deal' priced at £14.95  =>  Click for Deal


Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Light Stockist

See the inner workings of Darth Vader's Death Star with this detailed lamp illuminating the heart of the ultimate planet destroyer. A green LED shines through the acrylic lamp to give a unique 3D effect showing the inner workings of the Death Star in haunting light. Ideal for the rooms of Star Wars fans no matter their age, this striking lamp shows the Death Star as it appears in the latest story Star Wars Rogue One and makes a striking mood light or night light. Star Wars Rogue One Death Star lampUnique 3D illusion effectAcrylic...

'Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Light Stockist Deal' priced at £23.99  =>  Click for Deal


Look-Alite Thriller Stockist

Michael Jackson is immortilised in quite possibly one of his most iconic roles in the Look-Alite Thriller lamp! The body of the lamp becomes his body featuring the famous red leather jacket whilst the shade of the lamp features his face including trademark curly quiff and defined brows. Lit by a single white LED, place the Thriller lamp in any room in your home for gentle soothing light that will scare off even the spookiest of dancing zombies! Look-Alite Thriller mood lampLit by one white LEDSubtle mood lightSize: 13cm x...

'Look-Alite Thriller Stockist Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Batman Bat Signal Projection Light Stockist

Need a hero? Shine the Bat signal from your room and the original Batman calling card will project up to 8m away! A mini mood light with a big job, the Bat signal projection light shines the Bat Signal into your room acting as a very cool mood light or night light. Villainous siblings trying to sneak into your room will be stopped in their tracks when they see the calling card for the caped crusader for fear of the big bad Bat leaving you to bask in the yellow glow. The projection light unit allows 360 degree rotation and tilt...

'Batman Bat Signal Projection Light Stockist Deal' priced at £21.95  =>  Click for Deal


DC Comics Batman Hero Light Stockist

Lit by a bright white LED, the Dark Knight lights the way shining light into your room. An iconic image of Gotham's number one resident made from etched acrylic, each detail is picked out by the white light to make a striking portrait mood light. The dual power base allows you to power the light with either batteries or micro USB (included) giving you the freedom to place Batman anywhere in your home seeing off darkness and things that go bump in the night! Acrylic Batman lightLit by a bright white LEDDual powered light...

'DC Comics Batman Hero Light Stockist Deal' priced at £23.99  =>  Click for Deal


Retro London Bus Light Stockist

The wheels on this bus don't go round and round but it does make a very funky night light. A vintage styled London bus outer is illuminated from within by white LEDs for a gentle glow. Ideal for kids rooms as a night light or for decoration around your home, this charming retro London Bus exudes traditional Great British charm and shines with a subtle light for a relaxing atmosphere. Battery operated, add vintage British chic to any space in your home, or take on sleepovers too for comfort and reassurance at night. Retro London...

'Retro London Bus Light Stockist Deal' priced at £22.99  =>  Click for Deal


Retro Brontosaurus Lamp Stockist

Standing tall and looking out into your little ones room, the Brontosaurus is one of the most loved dinosaurs and it's easy to see why. With their long neck and friendly face, little ones will love bedtime when their room's lit by this prehistoric character. Battery operated, place the retro Brontosaurus lamp anywhere in your child's room and it will shine from within highlighting the detail on his body and casting a warm, comforting glow. Retro Brontosaurus dinosaur lampMade from sturdy plasticLit by warm white LEDBattery...

'Retro Brontosaurus Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £27.95  =>  Click for Deal

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