Bargain Aquabot LED Fish (Single) Stockists

Bargain Aquabot LED Fish (Single) Stockists

All the fun of a pet fish without the messy weekly clean up, Aquabot 2.0 LED Fish are jam packed with smart fish technology that see's them realistically swim, dive and investigate their environment, even changing directions! Available as an Angelfish or a Hammerhead Shark, Aquabot 2.0 swimmers feature a pulsing inner LED glow making them mesmerising in the dark and their high tech sensor allows you to wake a sleeping fish simply by tapping their tank. Available in five collectable colours per fish (Hammerhead comes in orange, blue, red, green or purple. Angelfish in yellow, green, blue, orange or pink), these high tech fish are powered by electromagnetic propulsion which is started when their sensor is submerged in water. Your pet will go to sleep after five minutes swimming and all you have to do is tap the glass to wake. Brilliant fun, these smartfish are a great alternative to real fish, taking the pain out of your child's first pet and putting more fun into your average fish tank, you can even buy them their own fish tank separately. Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 Smart Fish with inner glowAvailable in Hammerhead Shark (orange, blue, red, green or purple) or Angelfish (yellow, green, blue, orange or pink) (please note that type and colour of fish will be chosen at random unless specified at checkout) Automatic sensor activates when submerged in waterLED light to innerFish will go into sleep mode after 5 minsTap tank to wake sensor and LED glowSize approx: Hammerhead: 9cm long x 2cm, Angelfish: 7.5cm long x 3cmRequire 2 x AG13 batteries (tester batteries and spare set included)Please note that packs contain just ONE Aquabot LED fish

Bargain Deal: £9.95

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Solar 3 In 1 Transformer Toy Stockist

This 3 in 1 toy charges in the sunlight to create an animated moving toy. Teach the kids about solar energy and its’ uses without them even knowing it, this fun transformer toy provides hours of fun. 3 in 1 solar toyPackaging size: 21cm x 18cm x 5.5cmIncludes solar panel for chargingAge 10+

'Solar 3 In 1 Transformer Toy Stockist Deal' priced at £12.95  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Sand Art Stockist

With six vibrant colours of sand, two of which glow in the dark, it's never been easier to make your very own sand art designs! Layer up the sand in the decorative bottles included and create unique designs with the tool included that are vibrant in the day and glow in the dark! There's four different shaped bottles allowing you to vary effects and enough sand to fill each one so that you can show your designs all at the same time! Why not super charge your glow sand art by showing it under UV light using a UV blacklight fixture...

'Glow Sand Art Stockist Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


T-Rex Projector & Room Guard Stockist

What better to protect your room from unwanted guests than a fearsome T-Rex!? The awesome T-Rex Projector and Room Guard is a whopping 40cm long and projects real dinosaur images into your room. Motion sensitive, T-Rex will roar into life when he detects movement in your room with five mighty roars that will terrify intruders and nosy siblings. Twenty four images of eighteen different dinosaurs are projected from three changeable disks with images up one metre wide; a sure fire way to keep nosy parkers from entering your...

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Earth And Constellation Globe Stockist

The Earth and Constellation Globe is a factually correct globe clearly showing the countries and natural features of the world with political boundaries and major cities starred at a scale of 1:55,900,000. An integral light sensor automatically switches the globe to night view when darkness falls to show an illuminated star map featuring 88 constellations with their common names and major stars. Elegant design and sturdy metal constructionBattery operated: takes 4 x C 1.5V LR14 batteries (not included)Mains jack for AC/DC...

'Earth And Constellation Globe Stockist Deal' priced at £39.95  =>  Click for Deal


Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go Stockist

The Twinkle Octo to Go is a colourful Octopus design, lit from within to project stars, bubbles and his fishy ocean friends. Not just cute, but also clever, thanks to it's battery operated design the night light can be used anywhere, ideal for taking on holidays or placing on the back seat of the car to soothe tired tots to sleep on the go. Cloud B Twinkle Octo to Go45 minute auto shut-off functionProjects in 2 soothing color options: blue or redRequires 3 x AAA batteries (included)Suitable for ages 0+

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Light up Skipping Rope Stockist

The Light up Skipping Rope is stuffed with LED lights that illuminate the full length of the rope to make dazzling light displays while you skip! 227cm rope length260cm total length (including handles)Requires 3 x AAA batteries (included)Colourful LED'sSuitable for children aged 3 and over

'Light up Skipping Rope Stockist Deal' priced at £9.95  =>  Click for Deal


Party Pop Light Up Scooter Stockist

You'll be the light of the party with this cool light-up kick scooter! Simply step on the deck to start up the multi colour light show, and keep your disco rolling as you take your scooter for a spin. Kids will love this bright LED light up scooter as they show off to their friends in a blaze of flashing lights. Suitable for kids 6+ years and maximum user weight of 100kg. SPECIFICATIONS Max: 100 kg Age: 6+ Product weight: 3.1 kg Colours: white/purple Assembled product dimensions: 25" x 5" x 11" Product...

'Party Pop Light Up Scooter Stockist Deal' priced at £45.00  =>  Click for Deal


Cloud B Cosmic UFO Lamp Stockist

From playtime to sleep time, the Cosmic UFO Lamp is perfect for taking adventurous kids comfortably off to sleep. A UFO shaped night light, kids can play with the illuminated flying saucer that has two cool sound effects. Choose from Symphony 51 a soothing melody, or from warp drive and from seven cool light functions. The centre of the lamp projects Aurora Borealis lights onto surrounding surfaces whilst the windows around the UFO light up with colourful LED's. Brilliant fun and perfect for bridging the gap between playtime...

'Cloud B Cosmic UFO Lamp Stockist Deal' priced at £34.99  =>  Click for Deal


Lamaze Sonny the Glow Bunny Stockist

Captivate your baby's imagination with a colourful pal that speaks and plays lullabies too. Sonny the Glowing Bunny teaches your baby colours and is made up of a variety of tactile fabrics that encourage touch whilst his bright colours, monochrome patterns and glowing tummy stimulate vision and help baby learn to focus. Squeeze his paw and sonny will talk to your little one introducing colours and encouraging play. When it's time for bed, Sonny becomes your little ones best friend as he soothes with a gentle lullaby and a glowing...

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My Magical Mermaid Set Stockist

A magical mermaid in her own underwater lagoon, your very own mermaid swims, dips and dives in beautiful dances that mesmerise. Simply drop your Robo Mermaid into the water and she comes to life to spiral and dance in life like movements. Water activated, your dancing mermaid swims in four different directions inside her water wonderland that's lit by glimmering LED's for an enchanting under-the-sea experience. Robofish My Magical Mermaid playsetSet includes one magical mermaid and one water wonderlandMermaid swims in four...

'My Magical Mermaid Set Stockist Deal' priced at £24.95  =>  Click for Deal

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