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A playful mirror that's packed with colourful LEDs, the infinity mirror has a very unique special effect that creates a colourful tunnel of never ending light! A fun accessory for your bathroom, bedroom or more, red, green and blue LEDs shine through various modes creating colourful tunnels of light. Ideal for use in sensory rooms, this infinity mirror is both eye catching and mesmerising with traceable effects from never ending rows of colourful light. Battery operated, this striking infinity mirror can be placed anywhere instantly adding unique light effects and mesmerising colour! Infinity tunnel mirror lampMirrors and RGB LEDs create never ending tunnel of lightSize: 15cm diameter x 6cm depthRequires 3 x AA batteries (not included)Can be used with 4.5V DC adaptor (not included)Suitable for indoor use only

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LED Illuminated Flower Pot Stockist

Just the right size to take a small shrubbery or larger pot plant, this 29cm tall illuminated flower pot displays your green fingered endeavours perfectly with a colour change light show. Ideal for use indoors and IP54 rated for outdoor use, this striking flower pot is perfect for brightening up patios and decking doubling up as subtle mood lighting on lazy summer evenings. Using the remote control, choose from colour change, hold on one of seven colours or simply go with the white candle mode to reflect your mood or the occasion....

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1M Colour Change Tube Lamp Remote Controlled Stockist

This Colour Change Tube Lamp is a huge one metre of LED colour change lighting. With super-bright coloured LED's inside the whole length of the tube, colour change sequences will add something original and astounding to parties and events. Its rainbow light effects are incredible when used to add some original funky lighting to play rooms or bedrooms too! A remote control allows you to change the settings of the lamp from across the room, altering the brightness, strobe, flash rate and fade control however you choose. Choose...

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Light3 Cubic Moodlight Stockist

Lit by red, green and blue LEDs, the Light3 Cubic Moodlight adds instant colour and a relaxing atmosphere to your space. Built to handle, switch modes between solid colour, flash and fade by rolling the cube onto another face for the next colour or function and enjoy mesmerising colour light effects. Tactile and fun, this colourful mood light is ideal for younger kids and for sensory environments showing the consequences of cause and effect and encouraging touch and visual tracking, and is of course fantastic for use around...

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Colour Change Egg Stockist

With smooth curves and stunning colour change effects, the colour change egg makes a stylish table decoration or room decoration that catches your eye and relaxes you with colour change light. Battery operated, this stylish little lamp is lit by red, blue and green LEDs that gently phase through a colour change and can be placed anywhere to add a splash of colour. It's unique shape makes it ideal for bringing out at Easter, and this fun little egg is ideal as an alternative prize for Easter Egg hunts too! Colour change egg...

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Playbulb Sphere Stockist

An amazing Smart App controlled lamp, simply download the PLAYBULB X App in App Store or Google Play Store, and colour changing control is at your finger tips. Choose your favourite effect or colour to suit your mood. The latest version of the app supports various special effects including pulsing, flashing, rainbow effect, or fading effect. The PLAYBULB X App allows you to group multiple PLAYBULB products together and control all together, so this lamp will look great alongside our Playbulb candles or Playbulb solar garden light....

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Pineapple Mood Light Stockist

A kitsch mood light with a huge sense of fun, the pineapple mood light is lit by colour change LEDs to phase through eight cool colours! Create a chilled out tropical vibe with this fruity lamp that's ideal for parties, BBQ's, home bars and more, and set to colour change or static light modes adding some serious colour to your home. Pineapple mood lightColour phasing mood lampTwo modes; colour phase or static (set slider on/off switch half way to choose static mode)Soft touch plasticSize: 22cm (L) x 13.5cm diameterBattery...

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Aura Sensory Projector - An Afternoon In Stockist

Take a trip to the zoo, the farm or even the circus as you submerge yourself and your kids into a colourful world of imagination! The Aura Sensory Projector has had a makeover with three new slides designed to engage children with themed images from the zoo, the farm and the circus. Project colourful images up to 4m wide onto walls and surfaces taking your kids on adventures without even leaving their room. Illustrate stories to help soothe at quiet time, or use in a sensory environment to promote visual stimulation, imagination...

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Rechargeable 30cm Globe Light Stockist

Illuminate your space indoors and outdoors with a stylish globe light. Rechargeable and remote controlled these contemporary decorative lamps can be floated on water and look stunning placed around your home or garden. Choose from fifteen static colours, two colour change options, brightness settings and even strobe light features all from the remote control included putting you fully in charge of your home and garden lighting. Perfect for parties or simply for relaxing, these stunning colour change globes are beautifully atmospheric...

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OPTI Aura Sensory Projector Stockist

Designed and manufactured here in the UK by a leading effects lighting company that started in the 1960s to create light shows for bands such as Pink Floyd, Cream and the Who, they then turned their expertise into projectors for the disco, retail, exhibition, and therapy markets. This Aura lamp uses the first ever effect that they produced using a 6" liquid wheel that produces a projected effect of constantly moving and mixing globules of coloured light, an effect which is still as mesmerising and in demand today. The Aura...

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Polychrome Bulb Light Stockist

A bright idea for colourful mood lighting, the Polychrome Bulb Light is lit by colour change LEDs that shine through the acrylic layers of the bulb projecting multi coloured effects onto surrounding surfaces. A stylish lamp that adds playful colour to your space, choose from colour change or static colour settings simply by pressing down on the bulb and enjoy soothing light to reflect your mood. Power by micro USB or with 3 x AAA batteries (not included) and this impressive lamp will quite simply mesmerise. This lamp does...

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