Bargain 50 LED Multi Coloured Retro Lights Stockists

Bargain 50 LED Multi-Coloured Retro Lights Stockists

Add a little retro charm to your home and garden with cute candy coloured retro lights! A string of fifty LED lights each in a plastic candy coloured bulb; pink, purple, blue and yellow, these decorative lights can be used indoors or outdoors (keep the transformer indoors). Use them in bedrooms wrapped around bedsteads, shelving and curtain rails for colourful fairy lighting, or take them outdoors to brighten up patios and trellises with their sweet retro bulbs. Please note that whilst these lights are suitable for outdoor use, it's recommended that you bring them in during the winter or adverse weather conditions such as rain and frosts Multi coloured retro string lights50 ultra bright LEDs 50 colourful bulb shades in pink, purple, blue and yellowMains operated; transformer 31v 4wTotal length: 12.3mLength of illumination: 7.3mLength from transformer to first light: 5mSize of each lightbulb: 4.5cm diameterSuitable for use indoors or outdoors (keep transformer indoors)Standard UK Plug

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80 LED Sparklebrights Stockist

Add a little sparkle to your home and garden with warm white sparkling LED lights. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors, 80 warm white LEDs shine through an on/off flash function giving a magical sparkling effect. Perfect for Christmas, for parties, or even just to brighten up your garden, these sparkling lights give a whopping 8m of enchanting light. Warm white sparkling string lights80 warm white LEDs8m of illumination10m lead cableFlash function gives sparkling effectSuitable for use indoors or outdoorsSafe Extra Low Voltage...

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100 LED Cool White Connectables Stockist

These bright white 100 LED stringlight sets offer 9.9m of illumination per set and can be connected to up to 50 other sets to achieve a whopping 495 metres of light from just one plug! Ideal for lighting installation indoors or outdoors, the cool white colour is ideal for Christmas lighting giving a cool sparkle to displays or for summer party lighting adding enchantment to your home and garden. 100 LED bright white connectable fairy lightsUltra bright LEDsConnect up to 50 sets at any one time giving 5000 lights over a 400m...

'100 LED Cool White Connectables Stockist Deal' priced at £25.00  =>  Click for Deal


Vintage Festoon Lights Stockist

Dress up your home for a party, or simply brighten up your favourite features or darker corners with colourful lights and a vintage feel with battery operated festoon lights. A string of twenty colourful drop shaped festoon lights with pink, blue, yellow, red and green bulbs, these decorative party lights add instant atmosphere to your home whilst the drop shape of the bulbs adds unique vintage style. Vintage styled festoon lights20 x LEDsPink, blue, yellow, red and green bulbsBattery operated; requires 3 x AA batteries (not...

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80 LED Battery Timer Lights Stockist

These battery powered LED string lights have 8 pre-programmed sequences, adjustable via the included controller. Switch the lights on to activate an operating cycle of 6 hours on and 18 hours off, with the lights coming on automatically at the same time each day. High quality LED’s have a long lifespan and are energy efficient, whilst the waterproof battery compartment makes these pretty string lights ideal for creating festive lighting displays both indoors and outdoors. 80 LED Battery Powered String Lights with TimerAvailable...

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Mirror Ball Stringlights Stockist

Disco lighting doesn't have to be confined to the dancefloor; simply decorate your favourite room features with funky Mirror Ball Stringlights. Battery operated these miniature disco balls can be placed anywhere around your home and look especially good piled into a vase as a table decoration, each retro glitterball contains a colourful LED to project instant party atmosphere! 10 miniature mirror ball string lights Red, green, blue and amber LEDsRequire 3 x AA batteries (not included)Total length: 2.2mLength between glitter...

'Mirror Ball Stringlights Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


Bodhi Leaf Lamp Stockist

A stunning table centrepiece or room decoration, real Bodhi leaves have been treated to strengthen the leaves so that they become clear and durable. They’re then beautifully hand crafted into a flower bouquet and dyed with natural, vibrant colours that are highlighted by delicate fairy lights. Available with either red or cream flowers, the red bouquet sits in a natural dark rattan wave vase, whilst the cream flower bouquet sits in a natural brown and cream rattan vase to complete a naturally enchanting table lamp. Handcrafted...

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Citrus Slice String Lights Stockist

Fresh and fruity, add colour and light to your space with zesty citrus slice fairy lights. A fun way to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your home, these funky lights inject instant cheer with their citrus colours and LED lights. Battery operated, hang these slices of oranges, lemon and limes in your kitchen, dining and entertaining areas for a slice of fun and a taste of Sangria soaked nights! 10 x Citrus slice string lightsAcrylic slices or oranges, lemons and limes add zest to your interiors10 x bright white LEDsBattery...

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White LED Connector Lights Stockist

A stunning string of one hundred LED string lights that can be connected together, you can run up to fifty sets of White LED Connector Lights from one plug! Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, (but keep the plug indoors) these stunning white lights are beautifully decorative and perfect for a little fairy lighting or festive lighting either in or outside your home. Connect white lights to multi colour connectors to produce unique and creative displays... all from just one plug! 100 LED's per set of connectable lightsWhite LED'sConnect...

'White LED Connector Lights Stockist Deal' priced at £25.00  =>  Click for Deal


Dollies String Lights Stockist

These cute stringlights really are very sweet with ten differently dressed dollies and decorative jingly silver bells and colourful flower beads, these lights really are everything that little girls are made of. The detail on these beautiful little lights is very impressive with each doll wearing a different dress and life like golden hair in plaits…. Adorable! Perfect for decorating little girl’s bedrooms or playrooms, these mains operated stringlights are also ideal for anyone who loves “boho chic”. Mains operated...

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Vintage Santa String Lights Stockist

You can't get much more festive than these sweet little Santa String Lights! A string of ten Santas strike a pose and lit with white LEDs cast a soft glow into your room. Each smiling Santa is finished with red felt and trimmed with white plush for an authentic vintage feel, and battery operated, they can be used to trim your Christmas tree, to create festive table decorations, or can hang around your home to spread the Christmas spirit. Vintage styled Santa fairy lights10 x Santa lights lit with white LEDsFelt and plush finishTotal...

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