Bargain 15 LED String Lights Stockists

Bargain 15 LED String Lights Stockists

Add a little sparkle to decorative displays and home accessories with bright white light. A battery operated set of fifteen LED string lights, these static fairy lights can be placed anywhere around your home to create magical illuminated displays and table decorations. The string of fifteen ultra bright LED's make great festive lighting, lighting up your Christmas tree, wreaths and even the Christmas dinner table! 15 Ultra bright LED string lightsUltra bright white LED'sApproximate length: 1.8mBattery operated: requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)Clear cable

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Gingham B/O Bell Stringlights Stockist

These battery powered Gingham Bell String Lights are a very sweet take on the more traditional Vintage Bell String Lights. Vintage bells jingle cheerily amongst delicate little silver stars and pretty gingham bows, adding a little festive cheer to your Christmas decorations and table centrepieces. Gingham Bell String Lights with bells of 2cm, stars of 1cm and gingham bows of 6cmPowered by 3 x AA batteries (not included)Clear wire measuring approximately 190cm's long with 20 LED's

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Moon Mobile Stockist

A cluster of six blue moons that project a wave of soothing blue light onto surrounding surfaces, this magical moon light is perfect not only as a night light, but as a relaxing room decoration. Each acrylic crescent moon is lit by a blue LED that shines brightly to cast a soothing, relaxing glow shining through the crescent of the moon. The decorative moons are staggered in a spiral effect to make an enchanting mood light that can be placed anywhere and is particularly suited to bedrooms and kids rooms for soothing light at...

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Led Table Runner Stockist

This 1.1 metre long table runners features 20 LED lights stitched along the length of the red runner, adding a glowing light to festive decor. Powered by 3 x AA batteries, the LED table runner leaves no cables trailing from wall to table, making it perfect for dining tables and dinner parties as well as a decorative addition to any side or coffee table. 20 red LED lights strung inside the runner1.1 metres in lengthUses 3 x AA Batteries (not included) which last for hours and hoursSuitable for indoor use onlyAvailable in rich...

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Light Your Own Unicorn Fairy Lights Stockist

Pretty in pink, these adorable unicorn fairy lights add a touch of magic wherever you choose to place them! A string of ten acrylic lights made up of five unicorns and five rainbows, each character is lit by a white LED to cast a warm glow that's ideal for decoration and creating lighting features. Battery operated, place them around your home or dig out for parties for a cheerful touch of fantasy. Unicorn and rainbow acrylic fairy lights10 white LEDs Battery operated: requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)1m of illumination1m...

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10 LED Battery Operated String of Light Bulbs Stockist

A string of small but perfectly formed light bulbs to add funky feature lighting to your room, choose from white light or multi colour and instantly brighten up your space. Battery operated, these mini bulbs can be placed anywhere and are ideal for highlighting your favourite room features, for a little atmospheric light or simply to light up darkened corners with simplistic and stylish contemporary bulbs. Mini light bulb string lights10 x LED's with mini light bulb shadesAvailable with white or multi coloured bulbsBulb diameter:...

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25 LED Wire Lights with Timer Stockist

Bend and manipulate the wire to position the LED's on these timer lights and the wire will hold its position making them perfect for flower arranging and table decorations. Available with multi coloured, white, blue or warm white LED's, each light chain contains 25 LED's spread equally over a 2.4m length, and waterproof, they can be submerged to create impressive displays, even under water! The timer function means that these lights will stay on for 6 hours before switching off for 18 hours and then turning back on again, making...

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Battery Operated Butterfly String Lights Stockist

Ten wire metal butterflies are lit by warm white LEDs to make a stunning light chain. Battery operated, these pretty fairy lights are ideal for placing around your home for an enchanting warm glow. From kids rooms to living space and even for use as a table decoration, these pretty butterfly lights are versatile in use bringing a gentle springtime glow to your home. 10 white metal butterfly lights10 warm white LEDsBattery operated; require 2 x AA batteries (not included)Total length: 1.6mLength from battery pack to first butterfly:...

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Merry Christmas String Lights Stockist

A very pretty little set of battery operated stringlights. The letters 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' and 3 stars make up this multi coloured LED stringlight set. There is 40cm of cable from the battery box to the first star, and then a further 1.35m of lettering. The cable is clear making it easy to incorporate into existing decorations schemes. 20 multi colour LEDsRequires 2 x AA batteries40cm clear cable from battery box to 1st light135cm of illuminationTotal drop 10cm

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Battery Operated LED Rose String Lights Stockist

Ten delicate white roses are lit by a warm white LED that shines through the folds of each flower to give beautiful, delicate mood lighting. Battery operated, these pretty flowers can be draped around your home to transform your favourite room features or can be bunched in a vase to make a romantic table decoration. Each rose captures the likeness of a real rose perfectly making these string lights all the more striking. 10 x warm white LED'sFlower size: 7.5cm (W) x 4.5cm (H)Total length: 1.7mLength of illumination: 1.3mLength...

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Submersible Decor String Lights Stockist

Light and flowers have long been combined to create stunning floral arrangements, however the Submersible Decor Light is completely unique. Ten LED's are strung along a clear wire, and along with the discreet battery pack, are completely submersible. Used as a unique way to illuminate floral arrangements in the home, or to create beautiful centrepieces for parties and events, the effect will certainly get the conversation flowing. LED's intermingle amongst the stems of flowers within the vase, illuminating them with a colourful...

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