Bargain 13" Sitting LED Snowman Stockists

Bargain 13" Sitting LED Snowman Stockists

Let this sweet little festive fella sit around at Christmas bringing a smile to everyones face with his adorable face and cute dangly legs. He looks adorable as he is with his sparkling white body dressed with jeweled buttons, glittery scarf, and fluffy little boots, but he looks super cool when he is switched on, with subtle colour changing LED's in his tummy. Body approximately 7" tallDangly legs approximately 7" longSimple on/off switch on base3 x LR41 batteries (included)

Bargain Deal: £4.19

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Glow in the Dark Pebbles and Gravel Stockist

Suitable to use outside in gardens as a decorative garden feature, to highlight plant pots or the edge of paths for example or to decorate vases in windows etc, the only limit is your imagination! These decorative aggregates are the bright eco friendly lighting choice that use no electricity or battery power. They absorb light throughout the day and then slowly release the light as an afterglow throughout the evening. The brightness of them are 10 times brighter than traditional Zinc Sulphide 'Glow in the Dark' products such...

'Glow in the Dark Pebbles and Gravel Stockist Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


B22 4W LED Cob Filament Bulb Stockist

Don't let chunky and obtrusive energy efficient bulbs ruin the look of your stylish light features. With the industrial and exposed bulb trend booming in popularity, the B22 LED Cob Filament Bulb is the perfect combination of style and energy efficiency. Strips of warm white LED's recreate the exposed filament of traditional incandescent bulbs, while at the same time using a fraction of the electricity. The B22 LED Cob Filament Bulb is a great alternative to ugly energy saving light bulbs as we know them, offering the same benefits...

'B22 4W LED Cob Filament Bulb Stockist Deal' priced at £4.74  =>  Click for Deal


Cocktail Carnival Light Stockist

Hang a cocktail carnival light in your kitchen and let all who enter know that you're open for cocktails and dancing! A vintage lightbox sign lit by five LED bulbs, the cocktail carnival brings a glamorous taste of 1950's Miami to your home with pinks, greens and light bulb lit signs that guide your way to the best drinks in the house. Battery operated, this fun sign can be placed anywhere in your home and the bright white LEDs will cast subtle light. Vintage carnival light box signCocktails and dancing!Lit by 5 bright white...

'Cocktail Carnival Light Stockist Deal' priced at £24.95  =>  Click for Deal


Celestial Sun Wall Decor Stockist

Worship the sun in your garden with a stunning piece of metal wall art that's lit by warm white LEDs for a stunning celestial glow. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, this stylish metal wall art shines from each of the Sun's curling flares adding atmosphere and warmth to your space. Battery operated, this versatile Sun can be placed anywhere in your home or garden and has both static and flashing functions so that you can choose an effect to reflect your mood. With a 6 hour on/18 hour off timer function, you can simply place...

'Celestial Sun Wall Decor Stockist Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Batman Glow in the Dark Mug Stockist

The Caped Crusader wouldn't have just any old mug and neither should you; the Batman mug glows in the dark alerting you to your hot beverage even in the darkest of night! Featuring a glow in the dark Batman logo, the black mug acts as the perfect backdrop to the glowing symbol that draws you to your drink in the dark, perfect for night time missions of the thirsty kind! Batman logo mugGlow in the dark Batman logoStandard sized: 200ml capacityStonewarePlease allow exposure to light for up to 5 mins allowing the mug to "charge",...

'Batman Glow in the Dark Mug Stockist Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Stainless Steel Garden Torch 1.15m Stockist

A contemporary Stainless Steel Garden Torch that stands at 1.15m high, this stylish garden lantern looks great lighting patio's and borders. An oil burner on a garden stake, use citronella lantern oil as a natural insect repellent so that you can enjoy al fresco dining or simply relaxing in your garden on summer's evenings without the interference of garden beasties. A sleek, minimalist design, these stylish garden stake lights will suit any garden and are beautifully atmospheric with real flames burning gently throughout the...

'Stainless Steel Garden Torch 1.15m Stockist Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal


E27-GU10 Lamp Socket Converter (401.092) Stockist

Convert your existing E27 lamp sockets to GU10 spotlight fixtures with the easy E27 - GU10 lamp socket converter. Simply screw into your existing E27 lamp and then fit the GU10 bulb for an easy conversion with no rewire. Socket convertor for maximum 60W bulb

'E27-GU10 Lamp Socket Converter (401.092) Stockist Deal' priced at £1.25  =>  Click for Deal


Glow Zombie Gnome Crawler Stockist

Crawling from the depths of hell (or really just an unruly part of your garden), the Crawler Zombie Gnome is anything but the cute and cheerful garden companion that you've grown to love. As he drags his dismembered body through your borders and along your patio, the Zombie Gnome's eyes glow keenly in the dark as he scans your patio for brains! Zombie garden gnomeGlow in the dark eyes!Drags his body through your bordersSpook Grandma and little kids!Handcrafted terracottaWeather resistant paintMeasures: 23cm (L) x 12.5cm (W)...

'Glow Zombie Gnome Crawler Stockist Deal' priced at £16.99  =>  Click for Deal


Sun Jar - Suck Uk Stockist

Available in cool Blue,original Orange or Pink light, The Sun Jar is a fully portable solar light with style. Simply place the Sun Jar in or near a window and it will store the sunshine all day. At night the frosted glass jar becomes a wonderful mood light giving out a warm glowing light. Not only is the Solar Sun Jar environmentally friendly it is fully portable so ideal for using in a tent or on a patio. Features: 3 colours to choose from - Cool Blue, Original Orange and PinkSolar powered = free mood lightingEnvironmentally...

'Sun Jar - Suck Uk Stockist Deal' priced at £17.95  =>  Click for Deal


Pop Art Mirror - Be Awesome Stockist

Place the Pop Art Mirror anywhere around your home and remind yourself to "be awesome" everytime you look into it! A vibrant red outer frames the mirror in retro pop art style lit by eight LED bulbs adding extra sparkle to your motivational message. Place around your home for stand out looks and enjoy a boost everytime you look in it. Pop Art MirrorBe Awesome Today messageLit by 8 LEDsSize: 35cm diameter x 3cm depthRequires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

'Pop Art Mirror - Be Awesome Stockist Deal' priced at £17.95  =>  Click for Deal

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